Manprit Brar

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Manprit Brar
Legal Fellow, Wikimedia Foundation
"Even the genius asks questions" - Tupac Shakur
Manprit Brar

About me

I am a recent graduate from Michigan State University, College of Law and am hoping to practice intellectual property law in California. I am excited to be working with the Wikimedia Foundation and learning more about open-source communities.

My work

As a legal fellow at the Wikimedia Foundation, I will concentrate on ways to develop and improve the interplay between legal considerations and community needs in a variety of contexts, including consultations on legal issues and policies as well as legal training for community groups critical to our mission. Additionally, I get to explore how intellectual property, privacy, and cyber law effect the functioning of an open-source community organization.
Disclaimer: Although I work for the Wikimedia Foundation, contributions under this account do not necessarily represent the actions or views of the Foundation unless expressly stated otherwise. For example, edits to articles or uploads of other media are done in my individual, personal capacity unless otherwise stated.

Contact me

  • E-mail: mbrar(at)