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This is a sandbox page; see current staff for more official information.

This page provides information on current staff and positions; see also historical information.

Executive Director

Sue Gardner, 2007

Sue Gardner, Executive Director since December 2007.

The Executive Director is the senior officer of the Wikimedia Foundation, in charge of overseeing the operations of the Foundation and its professional staff. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Trustees. For the most part, the Executive Director is not directly involved with how the community operates on individual projects. The function of this position is to run the business side of the Wikimedia Foundation so that the resources are available to keep the projects going.

Deputy Director

Erik Möller, 2006

Erik Möller, Deputy Director since December 2007.

The Deputy Director leads the development and execution of Wikimedia's technical strategy, and a variety of specific initiatives and projects. He has full delegated authority when the Executive Director is absent.

General Counsel/Legal Coordinator

Mike Godwin, 2005

Mike Godwin is the General Counsel and Legal Coordinator since July 2007.

The General Counsel/Legal Coordinator is the primary person responsible for handling legal issues faced by the Wikimedia Foundation. His primary tasks include monitoring and assisting in the management of Foundation legal affairs (with assistance from outside counsel as needed), handling legal matters for Foundation officers and employees, protects the Foundation’s intellectual property interest (particularly the Foundation's trademark and copyright portfolio), and managing the Foundation’s various licensing and domain issues.

Chief Technical Officer

Brion Vibber, 2006

Brion Vibber, Chief Technical Officer since August 2005.

The Chief Technical Officer is the first point of contact between the system administrators and developers and the Board, and has overall responsibility for all technical functions of the Foundation, including hardware and software.

Volunteer Coordinator

Cary Bass, 2007

Cary Bass is the Volunteer Coordinator since April 2007.

The Volunteer Coordinator is generally responsible for involving and managing volunteers in every part of the Foundation. Specific tasks include:

  • Directing volunteers:
    • acting as a first point of contact for potential volunteers who don't know where to start;
    • organizing and advertising regular online events and tutorials to educate people about different areas of volunteering;
    • representing Wikimedia at events where the Foundation might find useful volunteers from a specific background.
  • Managing volunteers:
    • advising the Board of Trustees during the setup of new volunteer groups;
    • ensuring that volunteer groups are operational, regularly reporting on their activities and evaluating their performance;
    • recommending structural changes to volunteer groups as required.
  • Documentation:
    • maintaining a public list of prioritized volunteer tasks;
    • maintaining best practices for volunteer management.

Volunteer positions