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How can I find out about current Wikimedia Foundation employment opportunities?

All of our open positions are listed on the career opportunities section of our web site at and also posted on other internet job boards.

How do I apply for a position at the Wikimedia Foundation?

We welcome applications from all qualified candidates, internal or external. Please review the descriptions, and if feel you have found a position that interests you, apply directly, being sure to include your resumé and a cover letter. Part of our process is reviewing each resumé and cover letter individually.

How does the process work and what can I expect?

Submit your resumé and a cover letter through our website, or via a job board where you found the post. If you were referred by someone associated with Wikimedia you have the ability to indicate that when you apply.

Next we review and screen each resumé based on the responsibilities and requirements of the description as well as internal details specific to the search. At that point, if skills we see you as a fit for the role and Wikimedia, we reach out to you regarding a next step.

If we determine that there is not a fit at present, we will get back to you, thank you, and encourage you to check back from time to time as a future position might be perfect for you.

Do you offer internships?

Wikimedia offers many internship opportunities throughout the course of the year. We encourage all interested individuals to check our web site, regularly and apply for any internship opportunities that may be of interest to them.

How do I apply for an internship opportunity at the Wikimedia Foundation?

All Wikimedia Foundation internship opportunities are listed on the `Work with us’ page of our web site and on other internet job boards. Please regularly visit to view the open internship positions we have available at any given time.

How can I determine if an internship position is paid or unpaid?

Internship eligibility and requirements vary from position to position. Please carefully review the position description as posted on the site The job posting will mention if the internship is paid or unpaid, along with any requirements or additional information we may need from your school.

Who do I contact with questions about an employment opportunity?

Please submit all additional questions regarding any open employment opportunities at the time of applying or via the application confirmation link you receive upon applying.

There are two different jobs that I am interested in, can I just send in one resume?

We recommend applicants to submit their resumes and cover letters for each individual position that they wish to apply for. By doing so you will ensure that we have received a copy of each application submitted. We recommend specifying in the cover letter why you are interested in multiple positions and elaborating as to why you are a fit for one or more positions. This helps to provide additional context when reviewing your application.

How will I know that my resume and cover letter were received?

Once you have applied you will receive an automated e-mail notifying you that we have received your application.

How soon will I know if I will be invited for an interview?

All resumes are carefully screened to determine if they meet the minimum requirements of the posted position. The Hiring Manager will shortlist candidates who are considered the top qualified for the open position. If your application is chosen and determined to be amongst those top qualified then you will be contacted as soon as possible to schedule a phone or in-person interview.

Will my resume be considered for future job openings?

We make every effort to keep people in mind for future opportunities as they become available. We recommend that applicants check back to our site to review new openings. We welcome you to re-apply to any additional job openings that you may also be interested in to ensure that your application is reviewed for each position.

When will I be contacted about the status of my application?

Due to the volume of the responses that we receive, we only contact applicants that have been chosen for further consideration. We will then follow up with all candidates selected for interviews with an e-mail indicating the status of their application.

How will I know if a position has been filled?

We take as much time as needed to ensure that each candidate’s suitability is carefully and thoroughly assessed. If you have interviewed for one of our open positions then you will receive an e-mail notifying you that the position has been filled. Additionally, we make every effort to let ALL candidates know via email that the position has been filled.

What should I do if I do not hear back from anyone after an interview has taken place?

We take as much time as needed to ensure that each candidate’s suitability is carefully and thoroughly assessed. Once you have been selected for an interview then you will receive an e-mail indicating the status of your candidacy. If you feel like you haven’t heard from us in a timely manner, it may be due to the volume of applicants, and please feel free to reach out to the recruiter handling your application if you would like to learn of current status.

Can I follow up by e-mail or telephone to find out the status of my application?

Due to the high volume of applicants and open positions, you may reach us via the original e-mail you received at the time you applied.

How do I know the salary range for a particular job?

The salary range for each position is subject to several determining factors including your skills and experience, the current market and your personal financial needs. If you are chosen for an interview be prepared to discuss this with the Recruiter. We do our best to be fair and competitive keeping in mind that every dollar spent at the Wikimedia Foundation is a dollar donated by an individual or small group.

How do I know the full range of benefits offered, and the providers?

You will find the full range of Wikimedia Foundation benefits on the page after the listing of open positions. You’ll see that the Wikimedia Foundation offers a great range of benefits, including health, dental, vision, life insurance and many more. You will receive a full list of our providers during the benefits enrollment process.

How do I know the intended start date for a position?

The Wikimedia Foundation does not have a set start date for open positions unless otherwise stated in the job posting. Each position on our web site will remain active until it is filled or closed.

Can international applicants apply for positions with the Wikimedia Foundation?

We are a global organization and welcome international applicants for positions with the Wikimedia Foundation. Please see our “Pluralism, internationalism, and diversity” policy.

What is the length of time that a job will remain posted?

Each position will remain posted on our web site until it has been filled or closed.

Thank you for your interest in working with us at Wikimedia Foundation!