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Peter Coombe
Fundraising Production Coordinator
Peter Coombe

About me

My home wiki is the English Wikipedia, which I have been editing since March 2005 under the username "the wub". I often dabble in other projects too.

In 2011 I was contracted by the Wikimedia Foundation as a Production Coordinator for the annual fundraiser. In April 2012 I became a Community Fellow for 6 months, working on a project to improve Wikipedia's help documentation. In October 2012 I returned to the Fundraising department, and most recently in June 2013 was rehired for a permanent position.

I currently live in Cambridge, England. When not working on Wikimedia-related stuff (or attending Wikimedia meetups!) I enjoy travelling, origami, and spending time with my dog.

My work

I mainly do implementing and testing of banners and donation pages for fundraising.

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