Maggie Dennis

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Maggie Dennis
Senior Community Advocate, Wikimedia Foundation
Maggie Dennis

About me

I have been a contributor on various Wikimedia Foundation projects since April 2007 as user Moonriddengirl. I have also been an active contributor at the cross-project volunteer response team, helping to handle e-mails addressed to the Foundation. My work with the Foundation began in May 2011.

My work

My role is to facilitate communication between staff and all the communuties in every project under the umbrella of the Wikimedia Foundation, to help ensure that both sides of this important equation are pulling together towards our common goal. For more on what Community Advocacy does, please see our page on Meta.
Disclaimer: I work for the Wikimedia Foundation, and this is the account I intend to use for edits or statements I make in that role. However, the Foundation does not vet all my activity, so edits, statements, or other contributions made by this account may not reflect the views of the Foundation.

Contact me

You can reach me through my meta talk page or via e-mail at or in the role account at On IRC, my username is Moonriddengirl, but I am seldom on IRC.