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This person no longer works for the Wikimedia Foundation. Current staff and contractors »

This is the user page of a user who was a member of the Wikimedia Foundation staff or served as a contractor to the Foundation. In order to maintain a historical record, this page has not been deleted. However, any contact information below may be incorrect, as this user is no longer employed at the Foundation.

I am Jeremy Postlethwaite, a Software Engineer for the Wikimedia Foundation. I am currently working on features and fundraising.

Jeremy Postlethwaite, Backend Software Developer at Wikimedia Foundation.


I am also known as:

  • jpostlethwaite (IRC)
  • jpostlethwaite (wikis/user accounts/gchat) - Wikimedia Foundation account
  • jeremy.postlethwaite (wikis/user accounts/ - personal account

SSH Pub key

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDnBJKG5HDdWCOK9Ow8xPZpjQCeFlkIY6nPKMIpcM47uJPfZC6V1OmRgbTpmcaC1QeMzkZEeP/JSInkgHcuGShaZRiGKd5dYVWVEl+SLuS1kru9VVbX1F8MTn9OFSuQRYVq8r9spvUDVWIJvkAsdq5WR2gJgrhhspGEXCIzP+Orcqboj71oNaq9TUUhhZS+ueY39Sx6h9nH6k180/BxIudmGS8TmUQXyI+x3NoGDXUoxWpug00vTZNdssKU0943c/8CsVtNNEbvCzGQ9+Hh8XlHrp70FJIfy3wQLNVIKF0EpZzhHLUTiul7zrmTc9nBMiN07gzWHVQlAeSjsZcvTD6z jpostlethwaite@WMF299s-MacBook-Pro.local

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