Wikimedia Foundation’s Values

A reflection of who we are and definition of the positive impact we aspire to make in the world

At the Wikimedia Foundation, our values underpin a globally thriving and purpose-driven organization. As a community of passionate individuals with a shared mission and vision, we are committed to upholding a set of values that guide our actions, decisions, and interactions both internally and externally. These values reflect who we are and define the positive impact we aspire to make in the world.

Our values serve as the compass that directs our collective efforts, shaping the way we work together and with the Wikimedia Movement. They are not mere words on paper; rather, they are the driving force behind everything we do. From fostering a healthy culture of collaboration and inclusion to delivering exceptional work, each member of the Wikimedia Foundation is expected to embody these values, ensuring that we remain steadfast in our commitment to doing great work and improving.

As you explore this page, we invite you to learn about our Values, the journey we took to arrive at them and how each of us can live up to our values in our work. Discover how our can enable you to build meaningful relationships and a culture of continuous learning that empowers us to thrive in an ever-changing world.

We are in this mission together

We believe this because …

  • We solve problems better through collaboration.
  • We find joy, belonging, and connection in doing things together.
  • We have to balance individual priorities with our shared collective responsibilities.

In practice, this means …

  • I support my colleagues whenever I can, and ask for help whenever I need it.
  • I help figure out the problem when I disagree with a proposal.
  • I work towards real decisions, a shared agenda, and clear accountability.

We do great work and improve

We do this because …

  • We have a huge responsibility as stewards of our mission.
  • Success often comes through learning from failure.
  • Our communities inspire both our work and the way we work.

In practice, this means …

  • I share my work early, often, and respond to feedback.
  • I strive for measurable progress towards our goals rather than for perfection.
  • I invite playfulness and creativity at work where possible.

We welcome everyone who shares our Vision and Values

We believe this because …

  • To build the sum of all knowledge, we need to embrace human diversity.
  • Our differences are powerful and require nurturing.
  • We do our best work when we understand different perspectives.

In practice, this means …

  • I contribute to making spaces safe for people to express themselves.
  • I recognize my own privilege and believe others about their lived experiences.
  • I repair the harm that I cause and model accountability for myself and others.

We listen and share with curiosity

We do this because …

  • People think and communicate in different ways.
  • Curiosity and candor are how we learn to understand and trust each other.
  • Assumptions and biases are at the root of most misunderstandings.

In practice, this means …

  • I communicate honestly, clearly, and with empathy.
  • I recognize the limits of my expertise and trust people closest to the problem.
  • I approach unexpected information with humility and an open mind.

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