From fighting censorship in Turkey, to joining with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in challenging the United States National Security Agency (NSA) to protect privacy, the Wikimedia Foundation stands up for human rights online. We believe in open discourse and international cooperation.

Protecting the right to speak and learn freely

Government censorship should not stand in the way of international knowledge-sharing. We shape public policies that open access to free online knowledge around the globe.

Defending free expression

Last year we received 343 take down requests and granted zero. We occasionally receive requests from governments, organizations, and individuals to reveal non-public user data. These requests can place our community and our shared work at risk.

Standing up for our users

We help contributors respond to legal threats relating to their work on Wikimedia projects. We routinely join legal efforts like the opposition to the 2017 US travel ban. We have challenged the United States National Security Agency because we oppose the government mass surveillance of Wikipedia users and contributors.

5 million

new articles in 2017


takedown requests issued in 2017


takedown requests granted in 2017

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Policies on access to knowledge, censorship, copyright, intermediary liability, and privacy directly affect the vibrancy of Wikimedia projects.

Topics in nearly all areas of the law are relevant to Wikimedia contributors. Wikilegal is a resource to learn about legal issues that may affect their work.

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Wikimedia Foundation SOPA meeting

Wikimedia Foundation SOPA meeting

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Lighting through the ages

Lighting through the ages

Maurice Dessertenne

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