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Wikipedia is the fifth most-visited website in the world, with more than 6,000 visits every second. Our infrastructure keeps it online. Over the last year, we delivered an uptime of 99.97% (according to independent monitoring) across all project sites.


Saving data costs for readers

More than half of Wikimedia’s visitors connect from mobile devices. But high mobile data costs across Africa, Latin America, and Asia can make accessing Wikipedia expensive. That is why we redesigned our apps and sites to be up to 51% less data intensive.


Assisting human collaboration with machine learning

Anyone can edit Wikipedia, and it can be challenging to maintain quality control. That is why we made ORES, an artificial intelligence service that automatically identifies potentially problematic content as soon as it appears, advising editors if changes are needed.




Helping NASA

NASA’s internal wiki for collaboration and documentation is built on MediaWiki, just like Wikipedia. We create MediaWiki—open-source wiki software that is free and available for anyone.


Mentoring new developers

To help build a more diverse and inclusive technical community, the Wikimedia Foundation funds, supports, and mentors new developers and underrepresented groups in tech.


Growing a volunteer developer community

Over half of the commits made to our codebase are pushed by volunteers. We actively support a thriving volunteer technology community, with grants, events, and an open collaboration tool.

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Want to use your coding skills for good? Our global technical community always welcomes new volunteer contributors of all levels. We offer hundreds of software projects in many different areas.

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uptime delivered across all Wikimedia sites during 2017

1 billion+

unique devices access Wikimedia sites every month


views per second across Wikimedia sites

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Originally created for use on Wikipedia, MediaWiki is free and open-source wiki software written in PHP.

The web service and API that provides machine learning as a service to flag bad edits and vandalism on Wikimedia projects.

Wikipedia at your fingertips on Android. Set your app to night reading mode or save articles to read offline.

Wikipedia at your fingertips on iOS. Set your app to night reading mode or save articles to read offline.

Our API provides straightforward access to Wikimedia content and data, in machine-readable formats.

Wikistats is a public dashboard featuring data about the reach and impact of Wikimedia projects.

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As a nonprofit, Wikipedia and our related free knowledge projects are powered primarily through donations.

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