Google Code-in 2015 grand prize winners. Photo by Florian Schmidt, CC BY-SA 4.0.

Google Code-in is an annual contest for 14–17-year-old students exploring free and open source software projects via small tasks in the areas of code, documentation, outreach, research, and design. Students who complete tasks receive a digital certificate and a t-shirt from Google, while the top students in every participating organization get invited to visit Google’s headquarters in California/the United States.

For the fifth time, Wikimedia was one of 25 participating organizations, through offering mentors and tasks.

Many students also summarized their experience in Google Code-in in blog posts, expressing why the contest is a helpful opportunity to get to know free and open source software development.

To list only some of the students’ achievements in the many different software projects and programming languages that the Wikimedia community uses:

… and many, many more.

We would like to congratulate our winners Albert Wolszon and Nikita Volobuiev, our finalists David Siedtmann, Rafid Aslam and Yifei He, and our many hard working students on their valuable contributions to make free knowledge available for everybody. We hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did and hope to see you around on Internet Relay Chat, mailing lists, tasks, and patch comments also after the end of this edition of Google Code-in. A list of all winners across participating organizations is available.

We would also like to thank all our mentors for their commitment — the time spent on weekends, coming up with task ideas, working together with students and quickly reviewing contributions, and for providing helpful feedback for potential improvements in the next round.

Last but not least, thanks everybody for your friendliness, patience, and help provided.

Wikimedia always welcomes contributions to improve free and open knowledge. Find out how you can contribute.

Andre Klapper, Bug Wrangler, Developer Relations
Wikimedia Foundation

Graph by Andre Klapper, CC0.


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