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The Wikimedia Foundation will be a host organization for the 2018–19 Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellowship program. It is an honor to be part of small group of organizations that protect and promote the open internet, and we look forward to working with a fellow to support access to free knowledge around the world.

The Open Web Fellowship program seeks to increase public awareness and understanding of internet policy issues, support and enable career paths in the internet policy and advocacy sectors, and celebrate and nurture a vibrant network of internet advocacy organizations.

Applications to be an Open Web Fellow are open now, and will run until 20 April (5 pm ET).

The Wikimedia Foundation advocates for a policy environment that promotes the democratization of free, distributed knowledge globally. We have worked to protect user privacy against mass surveillance, for legal protections of open platforms, and towards an internet that allows people to access all available knowledge online.

We are looking for an Open Web Fellow who has a strong interest in public policy and a background in data analysis, security research, technical issue analysis, or similar relevant expertise. The Open Web Fellow will have an opportunity to work with a wealth of data about Wikipedia’s usage and content. Candidates with a strong interest in data science and open internet will work on projects  to answer questions about censorship, access to Wikipedia from countries whose governments seek to limit internet openness, and the various effects of different types of legislation on Wikipedia.

The fellow’s work will support our advocacy through data-driven answers to questions of public policy and appropriate responses to instances of censorship around the world. We’re looking for a smart and motivated Open Web Fellow to work with our Policy Team and others at the Wikimedia Foundation to ensure the future is bright for free knowledge around the world. Apply now!

Jan Gerlach, Public Policy Manager, Legal
Wikimedia Foundation


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A woman sings into a microphone, mouth open

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