Wikimedia is the foundation of a better internet. We believe that information should be open, independent, and ad-free. Our projects are created and supported by millions of people around the globe who believe that everyone should be able to share in the world’s knowledge—for free.

This report is our way of saying: Thank you for making Wikipedia possible.

Wikipedia's role in providing access to free, fact-based, and unbiased information is critical to understanding the evolving world around us. The COVID-19 pandemic has made that clearer to us than ever before. Since the outbreak of the virus, a global network of volunteers has been dedicated to creating, updating, and translating Wikipedia articles with vital information. These articles have been viewed hundreds of millions of times by people around the world. To learn more about Wikipedia's crucial role in providing information during COVID-19, we invite you to dig deeper into the numbers.

The Wikimedia Foundation Annual Report highlights the things that have always made us strong and prepared us to meet this moment, continuing our work towards building a more open, informed, and inclusive world. This work includes creating an internet without bias, using artificial intelligence for good, and expanding human rights content online. As you explore the report, you'll meet our Wikimedian of the Year, Emna Mizouni; discover how we’re bringing Wikipedia to regions with limited internet access; and learn how the Wikimedia Foundation is reducing our carbon footprint.

Now, and for the next generation, we are building the foundation for a better internet. Thank you for joining us.

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Wikimedians from around the world meet in Stockholm.