Olushola: The actors! Peter Edochie (popularly called Okonkwo) is a Nigerian award-winning actor, considered one of the most talented actors in Africa. He came to the limelight after featuring in Things Fall Apart, an adaptation from Chinua Achebe‘s book. He is very popular among the older generation of Nigerians.

Emmanuella of Mark Angel Comedy, is a young Nigerian comedian who was introduced to movie industry by her uncle. Her comedy is very popular among the younger class.

Kayode: Pete Edochie is a well respected actor who is seen as a strong supporter for our culture and traditions; his pictures are often used for memes that communicate chastity, integrity and common sense. Nigerians will easily relate anything that has to do with Pete Edochie as original and traditional. This will mean that the product advertised is local and useful for us in Nigeria

For the second video, every Nigerian can see themselves in Emmanuella and Mark Angel. These are young self-made comedians who make fun out of our everyday activities. Their message usually is to show the fun side of life. They have grown to become the most subscribed channel on YouTube in Africa and they proved their worth in the ad.

What’s next for Wikimedians in Nigeria?

Eyitayo: I look forward to commencing my ‘women who wiki’ project soon. As a major player in the female tech space in Nigeria, this project will enable me bring more women into the user group community—especially in Lagos. It will also help keep up with organizing the user groups, especially getting meetup venues as that poses a major challenge to our monthly meetups.

Kayode: I am looking forward to taking Wikipedia to high schools. Young people have a lot of questions about our culture and tradition, they learn daily and usually, they do not know they can put together these knowledge they have so other people can make use of it. I believe that reaching out to the young people will give them the opportunity to create a lot of local content

Sam: I’ll be leading the Wiki Loves Africa contest in Nigeria, which will commence in October. That’s currently what I’m looking forward to. This year’s contest will be focusing on professions in Africa.