Your weekly photo from the world’s free media repository: 23 August

Wikimedia Commons

Jack Delano was an American photographer best known for his work with the US government’s photography program within the Farm Security Administration. The image above was captured in December 1942, in the midst of the Second World War, and it shows Chicago and Northwestern Railroad steam locomotives at rest in a Chicago roundhouse before their….

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Meet Emna Mizouni, the newly minted 2019 Wikimedian of the Year

Communications Profiles Wikimania

Today, Tunisian free knowledge advocate Emna Mizouni was named the 2019 Wikimedian of the Year. The award was given in recognition of her inspiring leadership within the global Wikimedia movement, especially within Arab and African communities, and for her tireless work in raising awareness of Tunisia’s extensive history and culture. Emna is a life-long resident….

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Wikimedia and UN Human Rights partner to expand Wikipedia’s knowledge

Affiliates Communications Community Wikimania

The Wikimedia Foundation and the United Nations’ Human Rights Office (OHCHR) are partnering to support the creation of human rights-related content on Wikimedia sites. We believe that free access to knowledge is a fundamental human right—that anyone, anywhere should have the ability to learn more about the world around them. We are proud to be….

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Wikimedia Foundation announces Shani Evenstein Sigalov as new Trustee, as well as leadership appointments at fifteenth annual Wikimania

Board Foundation Wikimania

Yesterday, the Wikimedia Foundation announced a new member and leadership appointments to its Board of Trustees. Shani Evenstein Sigalov, currently an EdTech Innovation Strategist and lecturer at the School of Medicine in Tel Aviv University, will be the newest member of the Board of Trustees. Nataliia Tymkiv will begin her second term on the Board….

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Volunteers from around the world gather in Stockholm for the fifteenth annual Wikimania

Communications Wikimania

More than 800 attendees from nearly 80 countries have gathered in Stockholm, Sweden, for the start of the fifteenth annual Wikimania. Taking place from 14–18 August, Wikimania brings together the community of volunteers who make Wikipedia and the Wikimedia projects possible. Over 5 days, attendees will come together to discuss Wikimedia’s future and the role….

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Farhad Fatkullin, 2018 Wikimedian of the Year, looks back on his successes and forward to what’s next

Community Wikipedia

One year ago, Farhad Fatkullin was at home gifting his time to simultaneously translating the speeches being given at Wikimania, the annual conference that celebrates Wikipedia, the Wikimedia projects, and the volunteers who contribute to them. Up on stage for the closing ceremony was Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia who at each year gives….

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Фәрһад Фәткуллин: “Ел Викимедиачысы 2018” ирешелгәне һәм киләчәккә планнары турында

Community Wikipedia

Үткән елгы Викимания конференциясе чыгышларын Фәрһад Фәткуллин үз өеннән синхрон рәвештә тәрҗемә итеп торды. Видео-трансляцияне карап була, тик Россиянең төрле регионнарында яшәүче вики-волонтёрларының зур өлеше инглизчәне белми. Чит ил телләрендәге Википедия һәм башка Викимедиа проектлары бүлекләрен үстерүче иреклеләр нәрсә турында сөйләшкән-уйлашканнарны да аңларга мөмкинлек тудырырга теләде ул. Конференциянең ябылу мөрәсиме бара иде. Сәхнәдә — Википедиянең….

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Викимедиец 2018 года Фархад Фаткуллин о достигнутом и планах на будущее

Community Wikipedia

Год назад Фархад Фаткуллин находился дома и осуществлял синхронный перевод выступлений, которые делались в ходе ежегодной конференции Викимания. Ему захотелось дать волонтёрам из разных уголков России возможность не только увидеть, но и понять, о чём говорят их иностранные коллеги, развивающие своим добровольным вкладом Википедии и прочие проекты Викимедиа на других языках. Шла церемония закрытия конференции.….

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Ryan Merkley

Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Ryan Merkley as Chief of Staff to the office of the Executive Director

Communications Foundation

The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce that Ryan Merkley will be joining the organization as the new Chief of Staff to the office of the Executive Director. Ryan joins the Foundation from Creative Commons, the nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the availability, re-sharing, and accessibility of creative works, where he served for five years….

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