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Promoting radical knowledge equity

“Open the Knowledge” is our call to everyone to promote radical knowledge equity, creating a living record of history, stories, and contexts for and by all people. Biases, under-representation, and inequities in the Wikimedia movement continue to close Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects off to much of the world’s people and knowledge.

Specifically, these projects are largely missing the histories, stories, and contexts of: women and nonbinary people; those within the LGBTQI+ community; people with disabilities; and those within the global majority, including Black people, Indigenous peoples, and people of color.

We cannot achieve the sum of all human knowledge without opening our resources, projects, and work to all human beings. 

We are inviting all who support our mission and participate in our movement to help open the knowledge — making it more diverse, more equitable, accessible and inclusive. Because, when we open the knowledge, we open up its power, open the possibilities, and open ourselves as a movement to a world that changes every day.  We make knowledge equity a reality.

Wikipedia needs more women

We need more content about and by women to help close gender knowledge gaps across Wikimedia projects. Get the data, learn about current initiatives, and help us change the stats.
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Stories: Get inspired!

Launched in February 2023, Open the Knowledge: Stories is a platform that highlights people and projects closing knowledge gaps on Wikimedia sites—and beyond.
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Journalism awards

We launched the Open the Knowledge Journalism Awards to celebrate journalism that’s closing knowledge gaps about the African continent.
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Achieve knowledge equity

The Wikimedia vision is a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. To achieve our vision, we need to realize knowledge equity.
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Support current work

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From content drives and grantmaking, to inclusive product design and research, there are several ways we are working to advance knowledge equity that you can help support and amplify.
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Change the stats

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Wikipedia is powered by humans, so it is vulnerable to human biases. It is also a reflection and manifestation of structural and historical inequalities in opportunity and representation. We embrace and encourage research and data around Wikimedia projects, especially as it relates to knowledge equity.
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Related resources

Does the content on Wikipedia reflect the world’s diversity?

The Wikimedia movement is working towards closing knowledge gaps on free knowledge projects and beyond. Want to understand why that matters? This video, which is part of our A Wiki Minute series, will help!

Project Rewrite

Through Project Rewrite, we are calling attention to gender bias across the information landscape, highlighting efforts underway to close gaps, and inviting everyone to get involved.
Learn about the gender gap and how you can help close it

Project Rewrite 2022 banner

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