Understanding Wikimedia audiences in Japan to achieve knowledge equity


  • 15 minute online survey
  • Fieldwork dates: 17th-23th June 2022
  • Age 18+
  • 1,583 respondents
  • Sampled to be representative of the Japanese online population on age, gender

Key Insights

  • Overall, Wikipedia has relatively strong usage vs other info sources
  • Wikipedia has a youth issue in Japan
  • Wikipedia is a currently site for higher income Japanese
  • LGBTQ+ community positive, though can feel under-represented
  • Driving up engagement means more relevant and better quality & visual content

Usage and Awareness

  • Awareness is weakest amongst the younger population and LGBTQ
  • Almost half of the population have used Wikipedia in last six months, ahead of most other sources
  • Usage is most likely among higher income individuals, younger males least likely to access
  • Wikipedia may not have enough content on topics younger audiences prefer – video games & celebrities

Perception and Representation

  • There are no real difference on perceptions of representation on Wikipedia vs. Japanese media overall
  • Some feel there are too few articles relevant to low income and Burakumin ethnic group
  • More positive perceptions among high income earners, less positive among low income & young women
  • Wikipedia users want better quality articles and a more visual website


  • High income earners & younger women most interested in editing Wikipedia
  • Desire to share knowledge & feel part of something are biggest editing drivers
  • A perceived lack of skills is the biggest barrier to editing

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