Understanding Wikimedia audiences in the United Kingdom to achieve knowledge equity


  • 15 minute online survey
  • Fieldwork dates: 17th-23th June 2022
  • Sampled to be representative of the UK online population on age, gender 
  • Age 18+
  • 500 respondents representative of the UK Population on age and gender
  • 1000 Boost interviews amongst Ethnic Minorities

Key Insights

  • Overall, Wikipedia enjoys good awareness and usage
  • Wikipedia has a youth issue in Japan
  • The Black community, especially Black women, are disengaged
  • LGBTQ community feel less represented, especially those who are non-white
  • Overall women are generally positive, but have low usage and feel less represented
  • Gen Z are less likely to be engaged vs. older groups

Usage and Awareness

  • Younger audiences, and men, less aware of Wikipedia
  • British women use Wikipedia less, with lower usage also among Black British
  • Brits overall want more cooking content, with specific topic areas desired per community
  • Young people more likely to not use because it doesn’t represent them, LGBTQ want different experience

Perception and Representation

  • Black/ mixed ethnicity men feel more represented in UK media vs. Wikipedia
  • British people generally feel there are right amount of articles for each community
  • Black men and women least trusting that Wikipedia articles are fair & representative
  • LGBTQ non-white community has more negative perceptions of Wikipedia, older people more positive


  • Strong interest in editing, especially among younger people – Wikipedia should be leveraging this interest
  • Interest driven by a passion for writing and sharing of knowledge
  • A lack of skill and time the greatest barriers to editing on Wikipedia

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