Our last survey of Wikipedia writers estimated that fewer than 20% identify as women. Since we don’t require or record personal information from our users, we only know when we ask. We also know that approximately 18% of biographies on Wikipedia are of women. There are many reasons for this, and they reflect structural inequalities in opportunity and representation around the world.

We strive for Wikipedia’s collection of knowledge to contain the full, rich diversity of all humanity. We have a growing list of initiatives dedicated to making that dream a reality and we hope they inspire additional action in this spirit.

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Write and edit biographies about women

Women in Red are known for helping newcomers navigate the technical rules of Wikipedia. They have put together a primer for creating women’s biographies” and “Ten Simple Rules for Creating Women’s Biographies”.

If you are looking for a place to start editing, you can start with the lists on women that are notable by Wikipedia’s standards. You can also tweet or post about new articles on social media (including the handle @WikiWomenInRed), help find archival material, or help access photos.

Improve content on feminism, gender and the arts

Art+Feminism improves content on feminism, gender and the arts on Wikipedia. Their events feature tutorials for beginner Wikipedians, ongoing editing support, and reference materials. Many also have childcare and refreshments available.

How to help: You can find upcoming events and more information on the Art + Feminism homepage.

Share reference material for articles

Join the Gender Diversity Visibility Community User Group to help volunteer groups who work in the area of content gender gaps through providing access to reference material for content creation and partnerships.

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