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Get involved as a Wikipedia editor

No previous experience is needed to start editing Wikipedia. Visit the Teahouse for a friendly place to learn about editing. Veteran editors answer questions and help new editors become accustomed to Wikipedia culture.

Join or plan an edit-a-thon

Edit-a-thons bring people with similar interests together to create and improve Wikipedia articles around a common theme. These editing workshops include training for new editors.

Find your local Wikimedia community

There are over 100 active Wikimedia affiliates around the world. Each supports Wikimedia projects within a geographical region or thematic area. Find yours.

Contribute your coding skills

Our global technical community welcomes volunteer developers of all levels. We host hundreds of software projects in many different domains. It’s easy to get involved.

Galleries, libraries, archives and museums

Wikimedia projects offer GLAMs and other institutions a powerful platform to share digital collections, institutional knowledge, and expertise with the public.

Share your institution's knowledge and content


articles about women created or edited during #100womenwiki global edit-a-thon


local Wikimedia chapters around the globe, with at least one on every inhabited continent


languages represented across all Wikipedias

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Staying informed about participation opportunities

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Wikimania 2014 at the Barbican in London

Wikimania 2014 London

Sebastiaan ter Burg

CC BY 2.0

Lighting through the ages

Lighting through the ages

Maurice Dessertenne

Public domain

Turkey 2019

Blanca Flores/Wikimedia Foundation

CC BY-SA 4.0