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Other members of Community Programs

Imelda Brazal
Senior Program Officer, Campaigns (Contractor), Community Programs
Giovanna Fontenelle
Program Officer, Culture & Heritage (Contractor), Community Programs
Vasanthi Hargyono
Senior Program Officer, Education (Contractor), Community Programs

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How could Wikimedia Commons be improved? A conversation with designer George Oates

Earlier this year, the Wikimedia Foundation asked designer George Oates, who has worked for Flickr and the Internet Archive‘s Open Library, among others, to conduct a deep dive into Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository that provides many of the images used on Wikipedia. We wanted a fresh pair of eyeballs, and we were particularly….

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What are the ten most cited sources on Wikipedia? Let’s ask the data.

A new dataset of fifteen million records documents source usage in Wikipedia by identifier and across languages.

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