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Guillaume Paumier

Myleen Hollero / Wikimedia Foundation / Cc-by-sa-3.0

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Wikimedia Foundation offices - camera shy photo
Yamini Lavappa
Specialist, Donor Relations (Contractor), Fundraising Operations
Wikimedia Foundation offices - camera shy photo
Ryan Brounley
API Product Manager, Wikimedia Enterprise
Sailesh Patnaik
Program Officer, Education (Contractor), Community Programs

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My life as an autistic Wikipedian

Two years ago, I discovered that I was on the autism spectrum. As I learned more about myself and the way my brain worked, I started to look at past experiences through the lens of this newly-found aspect. In this essay, I share some of what I’ve learned along the way about my successes, my failures, and many things that confused me in the past, notably in my experiences in the Wikimedia movement.

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"Tech News": Fighting technical information overload for Wikimedians

Every week, tech ambassadors assemble, simplify and translate "Tech News," a curated newsletter then delivered to hundreds of subscribers across wikis. But how exactly did this start, how does it work behind the scenes, and how does it fit within our efforts to bring developers and users closer together?

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