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Rudolph Ampofo
Senior Partnerships Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa (Contractor), Partnerships
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Praveen Das
Senior Partnerships Manager, South Asia (Contractor), Partnerships
Jack Rabah
Lead Partnerships Manager, Middle East and Africa, Partnerships

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Celebrating Latinx stories, culture, and contributions on Wikimedia projects

Today marks the start of a Heritage Month focused on celebrating the history, culture, and influence of Latinx communities in the United States.  The official name of the month itself (National Hispanic Heritage Month) is a living example of the power of language — its history and inequities in who controls it, and its impact….

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International Women's Strike in Buenos Aires in 2018

Wikimedia Foundation and UN Human Rights launch #WikiForHumanRights campaign to improve and expand knowledge about human rights online

At a time of growing polarization, misinformation, and limits placed on freedom of speech, assembly, and privacy, as well as ongoing conflict—understanding our human rights is a critical part of our daily lives. It dictates everything from how we gather in our communities and speak about the issues and causes we care about, to how….

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