Luis’ passion for technology began at an early age when his father placed him in a BASIC programming course as an 8 year old in Brazil. That passion only grew with time, leading him to graduate with Honors in Computer Engineering and kick starting his career. Fast forwarding to today, Luis is now the father of the smartest, and just as tech savvy, 6 year old boy and always on the lookout for the nearest dog park.

Today, Luis is based in São Paulo, Brazil, operating as the Chief Technology Officer at Loft, where he leads Engineering, Product, Data and Design at the proptech startup helping Latin Americans achieve the dream of home ownership at this top funded startup in the region. Luis is also actively involved as an Advisor and Investor supporting exciting LatAm companies.

Prior to Loft, Luis was based in Colombia as the Chief Product Officer at Rappi, a unicorn startup in Latin America. It was Rappi’s drive to improve the quality of life in LatAm, coupled with Luis’ deep interest in the tech scene in the region, that led him to make the move back from Silicon Valley.

Before returning to LatAm, Luis was the Founder, CTO and Board Director at Novi Money. Luis was also a senior leader in the engineering and executive teams at Reddit, Microsoft and Workpop. While at Reddit, Luis led the Reddit Knowledge Group, which owned all things related to data, machine learning, spam/abuse protection and search. He was deeply involved in Reddit’s growth stage, coordinating closely with Reddit’s communities in that evolution.

Luis is always looking for opportunities to travel; fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish he can often be found taking full advantage of his Brazilian, American and Italian passports to experience as many cultures and places as possible.

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