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Introducing a resource kit to help organizers handle event safety incidents

The Support and Safety team, in collaboration with several other Community Engagement teams at the Wikimedia Foundation, has developed a short kit providing event organizers with key actions, scripts, and steps to help them handle event safety issues as they arise at Wikimedia events.

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PM’ing in public

Josh Minor on the pros and cons of—and what's unique about—being a product manager at the Wikimedia Foundation.

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Building a better #1Lib1Ref

The campaign's third year was better than ever—here's how you can get involved.

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How to hold workshops that are fully remote accessible

Holding workshops in person is challenging, but holding workshops for people in multiple locations is even more so. Design Researcher Abbey Ripstra and Grace Gellerman, the Manager of Program Management, explain how they approached holding a series of remote-accessible meetings.

From the archives Offline access

Luc Héripret on the Orange Foundation’s Digital Schools project

Luc Héripret leads the Orange Foundation's work in Africa.

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You can now upload 3D models to Wikimedia Commons

We've enabled a new feature that allows you to upload three dimensional (3D) models.

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Six ways to motivate a volunteer community

Motivation is a complex phenomenon. Last year, we spent some time trying to understand what it means for our work as volunteer supporters. After all, motivation is what makes people volunteer.

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See the winners from the 2017 Wiki Science Competition in Ukraine

Science has to be visible, and Wikipedia needs illustrations. Both goals met in the Wiki Science Competition. Here are winners from its Ukrainian sub-contest.

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Three ways we’re changing the Education team at the Wikimedia Foundation

A survey report is helping a Wikimedia Foundation team define where they were succeeding, and where they could do with improvement.

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How we made that net neutrality clickstream diagram

To illustrate our recent post on Wikipedia clickstream 'rabbit holes,' the Wikimedia Foundation's Mikhail Popov used R code to create a net neutrality clickstream. An overview of core graph theory terms is provided, along with brief introductions to R packages igraph, ggplot2, and ggraph. While some familiarity with R is necessary, he includes a list of free resources for learning it at the bottom.