Transparency is a core principle of the Wikimedia Foundation, and we are proud to be recognized as one of the most transparent non-profit organizations in the world. Our annual plan and operating budget are developed through open processes, subject to community feedback and Board approval, and always available to the public for review.


We show our financial activity in two key programmatic areas: how donor contributions support the Wikimedia community and the Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia.


These efforts are supported by our organization’s administrative and fundraising activities.


Balance sheet – Audited (USD)

Statement of Activities – Audited (USD)

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"What internet do we want? How do we want these platforms to behave? What culture do we wish to create? We are shaping that future today." –Katherine Maher, Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director


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As a nonprofit, Wikipedia and our related free knowledge projects are powered primarily through donations.

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