At 50 million articles and counting, Wikipedia is the largest source of human knowledge ever created—but it isn't complete. Wikipedia remains a work in progress, an ever-growing and evolving encyclopedia that provides free, reliable, and unbiased information to billions of people around the world.


Our 2018 annual report highlights the progress we made this past year. It reflects the achievements of the people and technology behind Wikipedia: the 250,000 volunteers each month who dedicate their time to expand Wikipedia’s knowledge base; the 350+ staff members who create the tools that keep Wikipedia running; and the generous donors who ensure that Wikipedia continues to be independent and ad-free.


Wherever you fit into the Wikimedia ecosystem, our accomplishments would not be possible without your participation. Thank you for your commitment to Wikipedia and free, open knowledge. Together, we’re making progress toward a world where everyone can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.


In gratitude,
Katherine Maher, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director
Wikimedia Foundation

The people behind free knowledge

The technology behind free knowledge

2018 by the numbers


  • Wikipedia remains the only top 10 website that's a non-profit
  • Wikipedia surpassed 50 million articles
  • Volunteers added 2.5 million new articles
  • 250,000+ volunteers contributed to Wikipedia each month
  • We maintain Wikipedia with 350+ non-profit staff worldwide
  • People visited Wikipedia 15 billion times each month
  • AI bots scanned Wikipedia edits 86 million times per month to catch and correct vandalism

Financials and leadership

Transparency is a core principle of the Wikimedia Foundation, and we are proud to be recognized as one of the most transparent non-profit organizations in the world. Our annual plan and operating budget are developed through open processes, subject to community feedback and Board approval, and always available to the public for review.


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Our donors

This year, we received donations from millions of supporters. Those donations make our work possible. Together, we’re building the foundation that supports the people and technology behind free knowledge. Join us.


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