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Access to knowledge

We believe in a world in which every single person can freely share and participate in the sum of all knowledge. We work to overcome the barriers that prevent billions of people from sharing and learning freely.


Everyone should have the right to access, create, share, and remix knowledge. We believe in permissive copyright rules and a strong public domain. Reforming copyright laws will help make knowledge belong to everyone.


Freedom of expression is a foundation of free knowledge. We believe that everyone in the world has a fundamental right to freely learn without fear of repercussions. And we actively resist censorship and any other efforts to prevent access to neutral information.

Intermediary Liability

The Wikimedia projects are built by people around the world. The Wikimedia Foundation hosts and supports the Wikimedia projects, but we do not control their editorial policies. We believe the law should protect internet platforms that allow people to share and speak freely.


Privacy sustains freedom of expression and association, which in turn enable inquiry, dialogue, and creation. People should not have to fear someone looking over their shoulders as they read or write. We believe privacy is an important personal preference even for those that have nothing to hide.

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