DMCA takedown notices

1 Requests granted 21 Total requests

The Wikimedia community is made up of creators, collectors, and consumers of free knowledge. While most material appearing on Wikimedia projects is in the public domain or freely licensed, on occasion, copyrighted material makes its way onto the projects.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) safe harbor provision requires us to remove infringing material if we receive a proper takedown request. We thoroughly evaluate each DMCA takedown request to ensure that it is valid. We only remove allegedly infringing content when we believe that a request is valid, and we are transparent about that removal. If we do not believe a request to be valid, we will push back as appropriate. To learn more about DMCA procedures, see our DMCA policy.

Below, we provide information about the DMCA takedown notices we have received in the past and how we responded to them.

This report covers requests we received between July and December, 2021. For historical data, please see our past reports.

Requests by Wikimedia project

Commons 1 13
Multiple Projects (+2) 0 2
Not a Wikimedia Site 0 2
English Wikipedia 0 1
Wikidata 0 1
Russian Wikipedia 0 1
Swedish Wikipedia 0 1

DMCA takedown notices by country

United States 0 8
Portugal 0 6
United Kingdom 1 2
Cyprus 0 1
Israel 0 1
Russian Federation 0 1
Unknown 0 2

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