Protecting the right to speak and learn freely

We shape public policy that opens access to free online knowledge around the globe. Government imposed censorship and overzealous copyright laws should not stand in the way of international knowledge-sharing.


Defending free expression

Last year we received 684 takedown requests and granted zero. Governments and individuals often ask us to change project content or share information about our users. We push back when these requests could harm users’ rights. We tell you about these requests in our Transparency Report.


Standing up for our users

We help contributors respond to legal threats relating to their work on Wikimedia projects. We have joined legal efforts like the opposition to the 2017 US travel ban. We are suing the United States National Security Agency, challenging their mass surveillance of Wikimedia users and contributors.


Supporting community voices

Volunteer contributors take the lead on editorial decisions. Our public policy efforts and research initiatives focus on maintaining the legal protections that make that possible.


Speak up for free knowledge and access

Just 27% of internet users in Nigeria had heard of Wikipedia in 2016. Today, that number is up to 48%. Our organization is committed to increasing awareness of Wikipedia outside of North America and Europe, in order to expand global knowledge participation.

5 million

new articles in 2017


takedown requests received in 2017

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Policies on access to knowledge, censorship, copyright, intermediary liability, and privacy directly affect the vibrancy of Wikimedia projects.

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