Sowt Podcasts produces a new season of Manbet in partnership with Wikimedia Foundation

Sowt and the Wikimedia Foundation, have partnered  to produce a new season of Sowt’s podcast Manbet. Hosted and written by veteran content creator Bisher Najjar, the educational podcast explores various topics from the fields of humanities and society.

This partnership is a result of Sowt and the Wikimedia Foundation’s mutual vision to share knowledge with the world. The Wikimedia Foundation is the global nonprofit that operates Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia free knowledge projects and aims at ensuring every single human can freely share in the sum of all knowledge. Sowt produces and distributes high-quality audio shows in Arabic to create a dialogue around the most important topics to Arab listeners across the world.

“This partnership brings together the power of audio storytelling and the importance of open knowledge and access to information. As a leader in Arabic podcast production, Sowt and the Wikimedia Foundation are aligned on expanding access to high quality audio content for Arabic speaking audiences,” said Jack Rabah, the Wikimedia Foundation Lead Regional Partnerships Manager (Middle East and Africa). “Together, we can build greater awareness and understanding of Wikipedia through a series of informative narrated podcasts for all listeners across the MENA region.” 

The first episode of Manbet published in October 2020, was followed by 3 seasons with topics ranging from exploring the history of passports and the birth of Arab feminism to the fashion revolution, among many others. Tune in to the new season of Manbet to uncover topics such as Sufism, the life of Native Americans, the history of Yemen, the story of Nollywood, and humans’ ancient dream of flying.

“I believe that the partnership between Sowt and the Wikimedia Foundation enriches the production of content in the Arab Region and Manbet is the best program to reflect this kind of collaboration. This season of Manbet attempts to take our audience through a journey of history, cinema, music and thriller. This span of information and stories will give us an insight of how knowledge has been and will always be power.” Said Ahmed Eman Zakaria, Manbet producer working with Sowt. 

The new season of Manbet comes out in April 2022, and you can listen to new episodes wherever you get your podcasts.


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