Викимедиец 2018 года Фархад Фаткуллин о достигнутом и планах на будущее

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Год назад Фархад Фаткуллин находился дома и осуществлял синхронный перевод выступлений, которые делались в ходе ежегодной конференции Викимания. Ему захотелось дать волонтёрам из разных уголков России возможность не только увидеть, но и понять, о чём говорят их иностранные коллеги, развивающие своим добровольным вкладом Википедии и прочие проекты Викимедиа на других языках. Шла церемония закрытия конференции.….

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The Equal Edit: Making Swedish history on Wikipedia more gender equal

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For centuries, much of our recorded history has been written by men. Even in Sweden, which is considered a leader in gender equity, less than ten percent of the people mentioned in the main article about Swedish history on the Swedish language Wikipedia, “Sveriges historia”, are women. With Wikimania, the annual conference celebrating Wikipedia and….

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Let’s play! Photographers capture the art of fun for the Wiki Loves Africa photo contest

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Children playing around a wrecked airplane. A toddler plays peek-a-boo. Teens play barefoot street soccer. Welcome to the wonder of Wiki Loves Africa, an annual themed photo contest which aims to re-balance the lack of visual representation and content that Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons hold about the continent. Over the last five years, Wiki Loves….

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Liv Inger Somby, journalist and scholar, to speak at Wikimania about the Sámi people and bringing indigenous languages online

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“For us, the Sámi people, digital platforms like Wikipedia are very important. My dream is that Sámi children across national borders communicate in Sámi languages, and common revitalization projects on the Wikimedia platforms are a great tool to reach that goal.” – Liv Inger Somby The Sámi, a group of indigenous people, have lived in….

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Liv Inger Somby, journalista ja fágabargi, galgá hupmat sápmelaččaid birra ja dan ahte galggašii buktit eamiálbmotgielaid internehttii

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“Midjiide, sápmelaččaide, leat digitála vuogádagat nu go Wikipedia hui dehálaččat. Mu niehku livččii ahte sámi mánát gulahallet daid iešguđet sámegielaiguin riikkarájiid rastá. Wikipedia vuogádagaid oktasaš ealáskahttin doaimmat livčče buorit reaiddut dán ulbmila joksat.” –Liv Inger Somby, “spotlight” logaldalli Wikimanias 2019:s Sápmelaččat leat eamiálbmot, geat leat duháhiid jagiid orron davvin, guovllus mii ođđaáiggis lea oassin Norgga,….

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Smithsonian brings images of diverse figures from the history of US women’s suffrage to Wikimedia

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The Smithsonian—one of the leading museums and research centers in the United States—has added over 200 images of women involved in the battle for women’s suffrage in the country to Wikimedia Commons, one of the world’s largest collections of freely licensed media. The donation helps advance the Smithsonian’s strategic plan, which calls for reaching one….

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‘Bootcamp’ teaches India’s Wikimedia editors the intricacies of vector graphics

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Have you ever tried zooming in on an image on your computer? Did you notice how the quality steadily got worse and worse? This is an unfortunate feature of “raster graphics,” the file formats that use a rectangular grid of pixels to make up an image, and present a particular problem for people making maps,….

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By digitizing venerable translations, they’re bringing the world’s literary history to Punjabi speakers

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Imagine a world where you grew up in a world where the greatest literary works in history never existed. For many of the world’s language speakers, this can be their functional reality. Titles like these have either never been translated, or were translated decades ago and now hide in ancient paper-bound texts on dusty library….

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Wikipedia’s annual conference, Wikimania, is coming to Stockholm

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The annual conference behind Wikipedia, one of the world’s most visited and beloved websites, will take place in Stockholm from 14–18 August 2019. The event will bring together members of the global community behind Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia free knowledge projects: volunteer editors (Wikimedians) from around the world, museum and archival experts, leaders of….

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With Wikipedia in the classroom, a former student has become the teacher

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Four years ago, Ismael Andani Abdulai was in graduate school at the University of California, Berkeley, working towards a master’s in law. One of the required courses for that degree was on cyber law, focusing on legal issues related to computers, the internet, and information technology. Appropriately, the professor in charge of the class assigned….

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