The annual global conference

of the Wikimedia movement

Wikimania is the annual global conference that celebrates Wikimedia projects, like Wikipedia, and the volunteers who make them happen. Since 2005, Wikimedians and free knowledge enthusiasts from all over the world have come together to connect, learn, exchange ideas, and have all the fun.

Wikimania 2023 in Singapore

In 2023, the conference will take place in Singapore. With the theme of “Diversity, Collaboration, Future”, the event will celebrate the rich cultural diversity of the East, Southeast Asia, and Pacific region. You are welcome to join us in person or attend the conference remotely. For more information on this year’s event or to learn how to register, please visit the Wikimania 2023 event page

Connecting, creating, celebrating

For Wikimedians all around the globe, Wikimania is where the magic happens. During the multi-day event, the volunteers who create and manage the content on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects debate ways to improve the projects, make free knowledge more equitable, and realize the movement’s mission. They also celebrate the milestones reached and share new developments in the projects.

By volunteers, for volunteers

One of the things that makes Wikimania special is that, in true Wiki fashion, the conference is organized by Wikimedia volunteers from all over the world, with support from the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikimedians hold many important roles at Wikimania – they organize, they manage, they speak, they attend, they entertain, they make it happen. If you are interested in learning more, visit the event’s dedicated Wikimania site, the hub of community engagement and planning.

Wikimedians of the Year

Every year, the Wikimedian of the Year is named at Wikimania. This special award is given by none other than Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales for outstanding contributions over the year. The award highlights inspirational community members for their work bringing free knowledge to the world.

Global roots

Like the Wikimedia free knowledge movement, the essence of Wikimania is global: The event has taken place more than 10 different countries, in five different continents to date, and attracted as many as 2,000 people from over 80 countries at once. Learn more about past Wikimania events.

Where knowledge meets fun

Between panels and presentations, Wikimedians always find the time to play. After all, Wikimania is also an opportunity to meet and connect with peers, while also experiencing the uniquenesses of the host community, its customs and traditions. 

Come for the knowledge; stay for the stroopwafels

It is not really Wikimania until someone pops open a bag of that crunchy, community favorite stroopwafel. If you are attending the conference, be on the lookout for this sweet surprise that has even made appearances in our design.

Learn more and participate

We welcome everyone to register for Wikimania (virtual or in-person) or to learn more at the main Wikimania page.

Members of the media can learn more on our blog. You can reach out to our Press Team via email with specific questions about Wikimania, media passes, or coverage requests.

We welcome partners for Wikimania from across sectors, including cultural institutions, government, technology, and more. Groups and organizations that want to partner can visit the Wikimania website to learn more, including checking out our event partners for this year.

Supporters of the Wikimedia Foundation and the free knowledge movement help make Wikimania possible each year. We are so grateful for the continued support.

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