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Wikimedia Foundation offices - camera shy photo
Barbara Kandek
Communications Associate, Communications Team
Wikimedia Foundation offices - camera shy photo
Gwada Majange
Lead Communications Specialist (Contractor), Communications Team
Samantha Lien
Senior Communications Manager, Communications Team

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Chestnut-tailed starling (Sturnia malabarica), Satchari National Park

The majesty of nature (and an abundance of birds) on full display in Wiki Loves Earth 2020

In the volcanic valleys of Russia, a red fox lies alert amongst chossy boulders; in the treetops of Thailand, an owl precariously slumbers; and in the forests of Bangladesh,  a venomous pit viper stalks its prey. As unprecedented as 2020 has been, this year’s Wiki Loves Earth photography competition presents a stunning view of the….

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Nagoya Castle

The Japanese Wikipedia is now on Line

We are always looking for ways to connect with our audiences around the globe on the platforms that they use on a daily basis, and so we are excited to announce that Wikipedia is now on Line. We’re using it reach our audiences in Japan, which has one of the most-active Wikipedia communities in the….

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