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Wikimedia Foundation offices - camera shy photo
Rebecca MacKinnon
VP, Global Advocacy, Public Policy
Wikimedia Foundation offices - camera shy photo
Allison Davenport
Senior Public Policy Counsel, Public Policy
Stephen LaPorte
Legal Director, Public Policy

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Wikipedia needs local journalism and the open Web

Over the past couple of months, many who are interested in internet policy have been watching developments in Australia, where a proposed Mandatory Bargaining Code will force some internet platforms to pay for linking to content by news publishers and displaying snippets thereof. While it isn’t entirely clear yet what services will be covered by….

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Four things European legislators can do to not break the internet (again)

The European Union (EU) Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online runs the risk of repeating many of the mistakes written into the copyright directive, envisioning technological solutions to a complex problem that could bring significant damage to user rights. The proposal includes a number of prescriptive rules that….

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