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Lisa Seitz-Gruwell

Lisa Seitz-Gruwell is the Chief Advancement Officer and Deputy to the CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation. Lisa’s role includes leading the Wikimedia Foundation’s fundraising activities across a broad and varied spectrum that includes both individual donors and philanthropic institutions, as well as a focus on community growth and partnerships. In 2016, she helped launch the Wikimedia Endowment and serves as its President.

Before joining the Wikimedia Foundation in 2011, Lisa previously worked as Chief Operating Officer at the Rappaport Family Foundation and Skyline Public Works, a fund that blends venture capital with philanthropy; as the District Director and Press Secretary for the California Assembly Majority Leader and in several roles for then-mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom. She also has previously worked as a political consultant and campaign manager for Democratic candidates in California, Montana, Michigan, Connecticut and Oregon. Lisa was also appointed to serve as a Civil Service Commissioner for the City and County of San Francisco. In addition, Lisa has served as a board member of several organizations including the Montana Environmental Information Center and the Progressive States Network, and the San Francisco Rock Project.

Lisa earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Political Science from Carroll College. She studied as a Coro Fellow before attending the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Center for Social Innovation in the Executive Program for Philanthropy Leaders.

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