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Every year, dozens of volunteer- and partner-led campaigns take place around the world to strengthen Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects.

Whether it is by adding missing references, uploading photographs, or creating new biographies on overlooked women, you can impact the information people around the world use on a daily basis.

At almost any time of the year, a campaign or contest is happening that you can get involved with. Explore the campaigns below, or contact your local affiliate if you are looking for more opportunities.

You could be part of organizing a campaign too. Learn more in our organizer portal.

Take photos, illustrate Wikipedia

Do you like to take photos? Help visually document the world on Wikipedia and beyond! Check out annual photography contests below, or join a monthly photo challenge on Wikimedia Commons.

Make small changes with a big impact

It might only take you a few minutes, but adding a citation or a photo to Wikipedia can have an impact that lasts for decades.

  • #1Lib1Ref
    Join librarians and knowledge allies to add a citation and improve Wikipedia’s reliability.
    Runs annually in January and May
  • Wikipedia Pages, Wanting Photos
    Help connect millions of photos with millions of Wikipedia pages that need them. Let’s make Wikipedia more visually exciting!
    Runs annually July – August

Close cultural content gaps

Wikipedia is missing many kinds of information. Join one of these international efforts to identify topics and write about them internationally.

  • Wikimedia CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) Spring
    Help share information about the history, culture, traditions and people of the CEE region.
    Runs annually March – May
  • Wikipedia Asian Month
    Write about different cultures and communities in Asia or in Asian languages, and get a postcard in return!
    Runs every November
  • African Cinema Contest
    Make African cinema, theatre, and arts more visible on the internet by writing related Wikipedia articles.
    Runs annually October – November

Improve representation, address biases

Wikipedia is powered by humans, so it is vulnerable to human biases. It is also a reflection of structural and historical inequalities in opportunity and representation experienced by many groups around the world. Join other volunteers who are working to ensure Wikipedia represents the full, rich diversity of all humanity.

  • Art+Feminism
    Help cover gender, feminism, and the arts on Wikipedia, and join a local or virtual editing event.
    Runs annually in March and year-round
  • WikiGap
    Join the Swedish Foreign Ministry in writing local biographies about women all over the world.
    Runs annually in March and year-round
  • Visible Wiki Women
    Did you know that women are less likely to have pictures on Wikipedia? Help fix that.
    Runs annually March – June
  • AfroCrowd
    Seeks to increase awareness of the Wikimedia and free knowledge culture and software movements among potential editors of African descent.
    Runs year-round
  • Black Lunch Table
    Documenting black artists around the world through Wikipedia and other channels.
    Runs year-round
  • Whose Knowledge?
    A global campaign to center the knowledge of marginalized communities (the majority of the world) on the internet
    Runs year-round
  • Wiki Loves Women
    Encourages the contribution of quality information on African women to be published on, and made widely available via, Wikipedia. Additionally, its SheSaid campaign inspires new and improved Wikiquote entries about women leaders.
    Runs year-round
  • Wiki Women in Red
    Help close Wikipedia’s gender gap by writing women’s biographies.
    You can join this effort on English Wikipedia, and sister projects on other languages, including French and Italian.

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