Dr. Dariusz Jemielniak is a full professor of management and organization studies, the head of MINDS (Management in Networked and Digital Societies) department at Kozminski University, and associate faculty at Berkman-Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.

Originally from WarsawPoland, Dariusz studies open collaboration communities, the phenomenon of organized sharing (including piracy), and anti-scientific movements. He has conducted research projects on related issues at Cornell University, Harvard University, Berkeley, and MIT. In 2014, he published Common knowledge? An Ethnography of Wikipedia at Stanford University Press, and in 2019, he published Collaborative Society with MIT Press (co-authored by A. Przegalinska). He has been the recipient of many academic merit awards, including a Fulbright Foundation scholarship (2004), Dorothy Lee Award for Outstanding Scholarship (2015) and Polish Academy of Sciences Chair award for outstanding scholarship (2016).

Dariusz currently serves on the board of Copernicus Science Center, as well as vice-chair of the board of Escola, a public Polish company focused on mobile app development. Previously, he was a chairperson of the Collegium Invisibile academic society (OSI initiative).He was a scientific advisor to the Ministry of Science in Poland from 2015-2016, and currently serves on the steering committee of Internet Governance Forum in Poland.

He developed and sold three startups, including ling.pl, the largest Polish online dictionary, and is a co-founder of Insta.Ling, a free platform for vocabulary acquisition.

Dariusz has held a variety of different roles on Wikipedia, including administrator, bureaucrat, checkuser, steward, and ombudsman. He served as the chair of Wikimedia’s Funds Dissemination Committee for three terms.

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