Nataliia Tymkiv currently serves as Financial Director of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law, a Ukrainian media policy and human rights nonprofit. Nataliia grew up in Western Ukraine and has a Masters degree in Public Administration and a Specialist degree in Records Management and Information Activities. She has in-depth experience in executive leadership and financial management. Prior to her current role as Financial Director, Nataliia worked at a manufacturing firm and later, in finance at a construction company.

On the Wikimedia projects, Nataliia has been an active contributor since 2011, and shortly after became an administrator of Ukrainian Wikipedia. She has also been a member of the Wikimedia Ukraine community for nearly four years.

In late 2012, Nataliia joined the Board of Wikimedia Ukraine as Treasurer. In this position, Nataliia built the financial model for the chapter from the ground up, including detailed financial reporting, accounting, and grant-making activities for the organization. Nataliia was later selected to serve as volunteer Executive Director of Wikimedia Ukraine in 2013 in addition to her position on the Board. In 2015, she returned to her position as Vice Chair and Treasurer of the Board.

Throughout her time on the Board, Nataliia helped oversee the growth and expansion of Wikimedia Ukraine in a number of ways, including improvements in transparency and governance-related processes for the chapter, the transition to Annual Plan Grants (APG) funding, growing Wikimedia Ukraine staff, and building and maintaining donor, partner, and community relationships.

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