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Meet Emna Mizouni, the newly minted 2019 Wikimedian of the Year

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Today, Tunisian free knowledge advocate Emna Mizouni was named the 2019 Wikimedian of the Year. The award was given in recognition of her inspiring leadership within the global Wikimedia movement, especially within Arab and African communities, and for her tireless work in raising awareness of Tunisia’s extensive history and culture. Emna is a life-long resident….

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Requests for user data

Freedom of speech is essential to the Wikimedia movement—the projects cannot flourish in an ecosystem where individuals cannot speak freely. Our users trust us to protect their identities against unlawful disclosure, and we take this responsibility seriously.   However, every year, governments, individuals, and corporations ask us to disclose user data. Often, we have no nonpublic….

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Requests for content alteration and takedown

Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.   The Wikimedia projects make up one of the world’s largest repositories of human knowledge. With that much information, someone is bound to get upset by some of the content from time to time. While the vast….

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Neutral density filter demonstration

Transparency report

Our mission is to provide free access to the sum of all human knowledge. We believe that protecting user privacy and defending against censorship are essential to the success of that mission. Every year, we receive requests from governments, individuals, and organizations to disclose information about users or to delete or alter content on our….

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LED Verkehrssicherungsbalken

A deadly threat

The community shares threats with the Foundation when they find them. When an anonymous poster made an alleged bomb threat, we found that the edit was made from an IP address that was near the apparent threat location.

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Lockers at Seattle South CC TEC

Protecting schools

Our community members are vigilant. We work with them to address rare threats of harm that they encounter on the Wikimedia projects. In one such case, community members told us about a shooting threat, made against a school in the United States.

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