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Amid COVID-19, Wikimedia Foundation offers full pay for reduced hours, mobilizes all staff to work remote, and waives sick time


Update: On March 14, 2020, the Wikimedia Foundation announced new measures to support employees and protect general public health amid COVID-19. As part of these operational actions, we have: Closed both Foundation offices in San Francisco and Washington, DC, until at least March 31, 2020. All staff are now working remotely.  Shifted to a reduced….

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Addressing Wikipedia’s gender gap: Join a Women’s History Month 2020 event

UPDATE – 23 March 2020:  In light of public health concerns, in-person Wikimedia events have been cancelled to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Virtual events are still taking place during Women’s History Month to add and improve content about women and their work, many of which include training on how to edit and guidance….

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Addressing Wikipedia’s gender gap: Get involved

There are several ways for you to support gender equity on Wikipedia — from editing articles and uploading photos, to sharing on social media and participating events. Here are opportunities to get involved:

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Addressing Wikipedia’s gender gap: Get the facts

Wikipedia is powered by humans, so it is vulnerable to human biases. It is also a reflection of structural and historical inequalities in opportunity and representation experienced by women around the world. For example, Wikipedia depends on the availability of existing published sources to verify the facts in its articles. But in many places around….

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Addressing Wikipedia’s gender gap

As the world’s largest source of free knowledge, Wikipedia strives to represent the full, rich diversity of all humanity. Sadly, we know that we are far from reaching this goal, especially when it comes to the representation and participation of women on Wikipedia — what many have called the “gender gap.” But there is good….

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