Gracias. Merci. 谢谢你 . شك ًرً ا

In every language, we wish to say “thank you.” This year, we received donations from millions of supporters. Those donations make our work possible. Thank you for sustaining Wikimedia and benefiting readers around the world.

We are proud to list donors here who gave 1,000 USD and more between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Thank you again for supporting free knowledge in the world. We are honored to have you with us.

0 Corporate ads 10 The only top 10 website that’s a non-profit. 300 Languages and counting.

7M 7 million donors from nearly 30 countries 250,000 250,000 editors contribute to Wikipedia each month. 400 About 400 non-profit staff and contractors worldwide.

1.5B Accessed by 1.5 billion unique devices every month. 50M 50 million Wikipedia articles. 2.5M 2.5 million articles added last year.

Major benefactors ($50,000+)

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Apple Inc. Matching Gifts Program
Antoine Bello
Brin Wojcicki Foundation
Google Matching Gifts Program
Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Frederick A. Miller III
The Montgomery Family Foundation
Siegel Family Endowment
Anonymous Donors (7)

I love Wikipedia because

"The best part of your project is that it is a great “equalizer”— every person anywhere in the world (at least with internet access) has equal access to this source of knowledge." – Wikimedia Donor

Patrons ($49,999—$15,000)

Bloomberg LP
Cards Against Humanity
Charina Endowment Fund
Elmira Choopani & Khanh Vu
In Memory of James Connell and Rocco DiPietro
Carl De Marcken
Spencer Glendon and Lisa Tung
Mark Heising and Elizabeth Simons Fund
Scott Eric Jordan
Keel Foundation
LinkedIn Matching Gifts Program
Darrin Massena
Newsmax Media
The Scheinberg Family
Selz Foundation
Anonymous Donors (17)


Wikimedia fundraiser, Washington D.C

Leading donors ($14,999—$5,000)

Christine and Alexander Aghassipour
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
Belay Foundation
William Benter
Andy Berndt
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Gift Program
Barry and Sharla Boehm
The Boeing Company Gift Match
In memory of Seth Brown
Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
James Chambers
A. Chan
The Charles Spear Charitable Foundation
Chevron Matching Employee Funds
Dauber Foundation
Ranae DeSantis
The Donnelley Foundation
The Durst Family
The Durst Organization LP
Eagleridge Foundation
Roger and Ada Fidler
Jeff and Namy Folick
Frumkin Falco Family Foundation
Harry Garland
GE Foundation
Goldman, Sachs, and Co. Matching Gifts Program
The Grainger Foundation
Holly Gray
The Gray Family (Calgary)
Hard Money Home
Hewlett Packard Company Foundation
Joan & John Horne
Howard Gilman Foundation
William H Hurt
Intel Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Isambard Kingdom Brunel Society of North America
Amy and Josh Jernigan
Jay Jones
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Yun-Fang Juan
Keough Family Foundation
Mary Soon Lee and Andrew Moore
The Lehoczky Escobar Family
Karen and Victor Linck
Sheila Mossman
Gregory Nelson
In memory of Don & Joyce Neufeld
Newgen KnowledgeWorks, Chennai
Jim OBrian
The Old Stones Foundation
OppenheimerFunds Legacy Program
Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program
P&C Collins Fund
Dylan Parker
Drew Perkins
Pinion Street Foundation of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund
William Prinzmetal
Qualcomm Matching Gift Program
Rick & Susan Goings Foundation
Robert Rosenthal
Bow and Erina Ruggeri
Ruth and Peter Metz Family Foundation
Barbara Ryan
S&P Global Community Matching Gifts Program Foundation Matching Gifts
Erika Schimik and Lorenzo Maggiore
The Schmale Family
Roy Schneiderman
Scooter Software
Mick & Alison Seaman
The Shor Family Foundation
Russel Simmons
Sprague Foundation
Paul Sween
Visa Matching Gifts Program
VMWare Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Peter Wheeler and Elizabeth Munro
Tony Wheeler
Bill & Cynthia Wilby
Jeff Yass
David and Monica Zwirner
Anonymous Donors (93)


Donor caption

"I use the Wikipedia resource daily, and I consider it to be something akin to the 8th Wonder of the World meets the Library at Alexandria."  – Wikimedia Donor

Sustaining donors ($4,999—$1,000)

21st Century Fox
Rebecca Adams-Nestor
Advisory Board Crystals
Ahmad Tea
Howard Ahmanson
AIG Matching Grants Program
Albert Hans, LLC
David Albrecht and Caroline Souza
Terry Allen
Alliance Data
American Express Company Employee Giving Program
Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
Amgen Foundation
Andrew Amidon
Sam & Lillian Anderman
Glenn and Susan Anders
Dalibor Antonic
Applied Materials Foundation Employee Engagement Fund
Maite Arango
Anthony Auerbach
Jesse Ausubel
Autodesk Foundation Employee Engagement Fund
Sam & Sylvia Autrey
Bae Systems
Ken and Valerie Baker
Prabhu & Rina Balasubramanian
R & A Bandela
Karen Barker-Gentile - CEO at
Ted Barnett
Thomas Barta
Douglas Bates and Mini Pathria
Kathy Bates
BD Group Matching Gift
Frank Dudley Berry, Jr.
Jayashree and K.S. Bhaskar
In memory of our beloved mothers Pravinaben Bhulabhai and Hiraben Ramubhai
For Bill & Jack
Peter Bing
Biogen MA Inc.
Graeme Birchall
Kevin and Laura Birck
BlackRock Matching Gifts Program
Gordon and Julie Blewis
Will Bloch
Carson Block
Brent Blumenstein & Anne Ryan
Nagendra Bommadevara
Honoring Beverly & George Bond
Walter and Marguerite Bopp
In honor of Siko Bouterse
Kevin and Claudia Bright
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Employee Giving Program
Daniel Brönnimann
Brian and Melissa Brothers
In memory of Roger E. Broughton
Kathy and Charley Brown
Jackson Browne
Judith & Clifford Brunk
Sailesh Buddhavarapu
Louis Burgener
Barry Buzan
David Bydeley
CA Technologies Matching Gift Program
Cadence Design Systems, Inc
In honor of Ammar Campa-Najjar
Canadian Pacific
Raul Carmenate
Carnegie Corporation of New York
In Memory of Andrea F. Carret
Jason Carroll
Kyra and Ken Carson
Charlie & Darian Carson
Linda Carver & Wayne Hathaway
Catalina and Luis
Caterpillar Foundation
Century Arts Foundation
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, LLC
Chris and Monika Chapman
Charles Maxfield Parrish and
Gloria F. Parrish Foundation
Zac Cheah & Pundi X
Curtis Chen and Jennifer Lee
Constance Chen
Veeraswami Chennamsetty
Michael Choy & Shannon Moffett
Nicholas Chu & Vivian Fuh
In remembrance of Cima
Frank O. Clark, Ph.D.
En souvenir de Robert Clément, Lille, 1907-1985
Coca-Cola Company
The Codding Family
Nancy B. Coleman & Paul M. Resch
Bruce Coler
Costantino Colnaghi
Luke Comer
Guy Connolly
Conoco Phillips Gift Matching
Thomas Cooper
Gill Coote
Tom & Rachel Cortese
In memory of Deborah Cowan
Christopher Cowart
Ardelle Cowie
craigslist Charitable Fund
The Cunningham Family
Burt and Diana Cutler Family Foundation
Austin Daily
Richard Davies
H. Andrew Decker
Carole Deitrich
Dell Employees Giving Program
Stephen & Elizabeth Detwiler
David Dickey
Christopher C. Dixon
A Sibbald Doan
James Docauer
Dolby Match Program
In Loving Memory of our brother Dr. Daivesh Doshi
Frank H. Douglas
DraftKings Promo Code
Pierre Drion
Dropbox, Inc.
Andrei Dunca
Edgar Durbin
Brendan Dyson
eBay Foundation
Kenneth Eddings
Stanley Eisenberg
Larry and Kas Eldridge
Electronic Arts Matching Gifts Program
Ericsson Employee Engagement Fund
Evari GIS Consulting Inc
Evolve Collaborative
Expedia Inc.
ExxonMobil Foundation Matching Gifts Program
F5 Networks, Inc.
Adrian Fedorovici
Megan and Matthew Feinberg
Yoseph Feit
Eric Ferraiuolo and Leslie Verploegen
Howard and Carol Fields
In loving memory of Michael Sean Finley
Mason Fischer
Carla and Charles Flournoy
Norman & Jill Fogelsong
Robert T. Foley
Mia and Chris Fontaine
William Ford
Luca Formenton
Lewis Frain
Elizabeth & Paul Fraley
Bernard and Melinda Francois
Bill & Peri Frantz
Mark and Janice Franzen
Frank J. Frost
David Fry and Meidee Goh
Carol Fryer and Bernard Moret
Gartner (The Matching Gift Center)
Pavel Gavrilin
Genentech Employee Giving Program
George & Alice Rich Charitable Foundation
Betty Harrell Gerlack
Aaron Getz & Sheila Geraghty Getz
Darril & Nimfa Gibson
Tyson & Elizabeth Gill
Emily and Sam Glick
Globalgiving Foundation Inc
Norman Godinho
Simon Godwin
Rita Goldberg and Oliver Hart
Lisa Goldberg
Jack Goodman
Rinat Goren and Arnon Rosenthal
J. Alex Graeffe
Ulf Grenander
Caroline and Dan Grossman
Robert Grossman
Egils and Anne Gulbis
Linne Ha
Alexandre Haag
Joanna Haas
Ian Hall
Mark D Halperin
Ryan M Hamerly
Lang Hames
Hand Specialist Dallas
Bob Hanek & Michele Wall
Thomas Harrington
The Harrity Family
Richard and Janet Hart
Robin Hassani
Dick Heiser
Patricia Henderson
Rolf Hendriks
Søren Fabian Heupel
Hideous Weasel Butt LLC
Nancy Hindman
Kath and Les Hinton
Jerry Hirsch
Jim Hobart
Mr. James Hobart
Horizon BCBS
Peter Hornbeck
HP Inc
Tim Huang
Daniel and Celia Huber
Walter F. Hughes
David Humm
Jeffrey Hutchins
Philippe Ifrah
David Ignat
IMC Chicago Charitable Foundation
International Monetary Fund
Intetics Inc.
Intuit Foundation
Invest in the Future Foundation
Roshan Isaac
ITW Matching Gifts Program
Roy Jablonka
Chip Jackson
Brian Jaffe
Douglas Jaffe
Micah Jaffe
Dirk Jagdmann
Jericho Charitable Trust
Lee Johnson
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program
Robert Joss
Robert H. Kanner
Kae Kanya 清鸿 / Januaca 张贻新 and Family
Steve Kass
David and Jan Kaufman
Aruna and Sudhakar Kaveeshwar
Kevin Kelly and Giamin Fuh-Kelly
Susan S Kelly
Peter Kelsey
Dr Kim Kendall & Mrs Jocelyn Kendall
Robert M. Kern
Keysight Technologies
Kher-Padki Family Fund
Michael W. Kidd
Frank Kienast
Donald King Jr.
Jeffrey Knauth
Don & Jill Knuth
Ron and Yael Kohavi
Igor Kopylov
Tobias Kornhofer
Peter Kroll
Aahd Kubbara
Andrew Kurn
Martin Kúšik
Peter Kütemann (Monaco)
Jeff Laird
Lam Research
Jeffrey Lamkin
Dan Laufer
Steven & Chani Laufer
Lawrence & Elaine Irell Foundation
Lawrence Livermore Labs
Ned Lecky
Edward Lee
Leo Model Foundation
Leon Levy Foundation
Zachary Levi
Li Lu Humanitarian Foundation
Wen Li Looi
Lilly US Matching Gifts Program
Greg Linden
Christopher Lingle
John Longres
Ms. Marilyn Lucht
MacArthur Foundation
Williams & Christina Maddox
Alexander Main
Victor Mair
Umesh Marathe
Greg and Elizabeth Stanton Marra
Keith Marshall and Jeetee
The Mart Family
John Marx AIA
MasterCard Matching Gift Program
Christopher S. Matusik
Walter and Nancy McClure
Bill and Marilyn McCune
In Memory of Marilyn McDonald
Dr. Thomas McDonald
Elizabeth McGlynn
Brian Mcinnis
McKinsey & Company Matching Gift Program
The McLean Family-Lincoln Nebraska
Medtronic Foundation Volunteer Grant Program
Julia Menez
Betsy and Ted Merchant
Merck Foundation
Himanshu Mhatre
Micron Technology, Inc.
Steven Miller & Patricia Meyer
Ryan Mills
Minassian Media
Jorg Mohaupt
Jamie Molaro
Marcel Molina
Jude Montassir
Cian Montgomery
Moore Family
Colin Moore
Brigitte Morel-Curran
Jeff Morrow
Carol and Les Moss
Motorola Solutions Foundation
MRC-Holland bv
Douglas J. Muder
Chandra Mukerji
Mutable Instruments
Eric Nath
National Instruments
NetApp, Inc.
Ray Ng
Nike Employee Matching Gift Program
Jeremy Norman and Patricia Gilbert
Benjamin Novak
Nvidia Employee Giving Program
John O’Donnell
Og and Ogina
Omidyar Network Fund, Inc
One Point Of Light Foundation
Carl and Helen Owenby
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Employee Giving
Cora L. Page
Michael Palin
Jean Park and Jacob Taylor Family
Ricky Patel
Thoren Paulson
PayPal Gives Employee Engagement
Paul Pedersen and Sally Johnson
Vanja Pejovic
Pepsico Foundation
En souvenir de Gemma Coulombe Perrier
In loving memory of Sharon Brotherton Perry
The Perullo Family
Bjoern Peters
Wayne Pfeiffer
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
In the memory of Andrew G. Phillips
Joel and Tamara Podolny
David Pollon
Dan and Gail Powell
Stephen Powelson
Rob and Anna Prestezog
Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Chris Quintos Cathcart
Venkat Ramdass
In memory of Leah Ramos and Bob Sicko
William & Anne Rasnake
Kate and Paul-Erik Raue
Kristin Rechberger
Red Hat Matching Gift Program
Paul Resnick and Caroline Richardson
Paul & Lori Reszutek
Georges Rey
Stephen J. Richards
Tim and Mary Riordan
Green Rives
Robert and Vivian Lamb Fund
Kathleen Rogers & Rick Teller
Jesse Rosenthal
Dennis Rossman
Robert Rubenstien
Marilyn L. Rudin
M. Duane Rutledge
In honor of Steven G. Ryan
Chris and Anna Saccheri
Thomas and Mary Clare Salander
Pito and Chris Salas
Steven Sanders
David Sassen
In Memory of Harold “Dub” Saunders
Jay and Anne Schamberg
Karen and Damon Scheppelmann
Richard Schmidt
Rob Schreiner
Robert Schroeder
Select Equity Group Foundation
Semantic Arts
Jerome Seydoux
Jason Shah
David A. Shapiro, MD & Sharon L. Wheatley
Nate and Julia Sharpe Charitable Gift Fund
Michael Shimoide
Dr. Trent Smallwood D.D.S
Dick Smith, Sydney, Australia
Paul Fremont Smith
Sara Smollett
Jeffrey Snover
Some old physicist
D. Squire
Standard Insurance
Thomas Stanis
State Street Matching Gift Program
Stoytcho Stoytchev and Natalie Ma
Kenneth Strumpf
Symantec Giving Station
Synchrony Financial
Synopsys Employee Engagement Fund
T-Mobile USA, Inc
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Tableau Software Incorporated
Hiroaki Takamatsu
Tom & Sharon Tan
In memory of Norman E. Tanis, Dean of the University Library at Cal State University, Northridge
Peter Taraba
Dale Taylor
The Team of Flightkeys
Tyrus and Samantha Tenneson
Texas Instruments Foundation
Jon Thaler
In loving memory of Dolly Thompson
Thomson Reuters My Community Program
Jonathan Tobert
Kit Transue
TripAdvisor Gift Matching Program
Amy & Michael Tripoli
TRSB inc
Tungare Manohar Family Foundation
UnitedHealth Group
In Memory of Mary and Theodore Urzy
John Vandermeer
Jason VanWees
Vast Action, Inc.
Wil Wilstro
Barbara Vdovc
Saurya Velagapudi
Verizon Foundation
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Michelangelo Volpi
Jennifer and Luke Wagner
Lonna Wais
Jacob Charles Walker
Walt Disney Company Foundation
Wang Family Fund
Rich Warner
Joyce Watson
Janet White and Michael Clark
Reese Wiench
In honor of the Wikipedia Staff
Małgorzata and Jakub Onufry Wojtaszczyk
The Wolff Family
Workday, Inc.
Wrightwood, California
Cy Wyss
In memory of Judith Yafet
Yelp, Inc.
Eric Yen
David Yngve
Takeshi Yoshino
Jonathan Young
Kevin and Donna Young
Alice Young
Zephyr Charitable Foundation
Yuan Zheng & Jeffrey van Gogh
Richard Zimmerer
Anonymous Donors (616)

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