Candid Platinum Seal of Transparency 98.33 Charity Navigator rating ★★★★ We received four stars from Charity Navigator—their highest rating

Sources: Candid and Charity Navigator

At the Wikimedia Foundation, transparency is decidedly one of our guiding principles. Our annual plan and operating budget are developed through open processes, subject to community feedback and Board approval, and always available for review by the public. For years, we have been awarded the Platinum Seal of Transparency by GuideStar (now Candid)something of which we are proud.

42% Direct support to websites 31% Direct support to communities

14% Administration and governance 13% Fundraising

42% Direct support to websites

Wikipedia and its companion sites benefit from ongoing technology upgrades, design improvements, legal support, and data analytics. We administer our suite of free knowledge sites efficiently—at a fraction of what many of our for-profit peers spend.

31% Direct support to communities

Wikimedia projects have global reach. This is enabled by the diverse contributions of volunteers from local communities around the world. We provide grants and other resources to support local contributors, community outreach events, and advocacy for growing free knowledge.

14% Administration and governance

Our core values include transparency and accountability. We manage funds and resources responsibly, and recruit and support skilled, passionate people to advance our mission.

13% Fundraising

Donor support remains the lifeblood of Wikipedia and our other free knowledge projects. Our team works year-round to ensure professionalism in the cultivation and stewardship of all gifts, every one of which helps provide resources critical to our work.

Balance Sheet - Audited (July 1, 2020—June 30, 2021)


Current assets:
Cash and cash equivalents $86,811,585 US
Current portion of contributions receivable 700,000
Short-term investments 117,288,017
Prepaid expenses and other current assets 3,878,743
Total current assets 208,678,345
Restricted cash 872,229
Noncurrent portion of contributions receivable 690,399
Property, plant, and equipment, net 9,798,002
Long-term investment 20,196,126
Total assets 240,235,101

Liabilities and net assets

Current liabilities:
Accounts payable 2,913,957
Accrued expenses 4,719,375
Other liabilities 1,424,233
Total current liabilities 9,057,565


Net assets:
Unrestricted 229,294,335
Temporarily restricted 1,883,201
Total net assets 231,177,536
Total liabilities and net assets 240,235,101

Statement of Activities - Audited (July 1, 2020—June 30, 2021)

Unrestricted net assets

Support and revenue:
Donations and contributions $153,096,642 US
In-kind service revenue 473,709
Foreign currency gains 1,576,737
Other income, net 986,854
Investment income, net 4,352,289
Release of restrictions on temporarily restricted net assets 2,400,455
Total support and revenue 162,886,686


Salaries and wages 67,857,676
Awards and grants 9,810,844
Internet hosting 2,384,439
In-kind service expenses 473,709
Donation processing expenses 6,386,483
Professional service expenses 12,084,019
Other operating expenses 10,383,125
Travel and conferences 29,214
Depreciation and amortization 2,430,310
Special event expense, net -
Total expenses 111,839,819
Increase in unrestricted net assets 51,046,867


Temporarily restricted net assets

Contributions 2,215,399
Release of restrictions on temporarily restricted net assets (2,400,455)
Increase (decrease) in net assets with donor restrictions (185,056)
Increase in net assets 50,861,811
Net assets at beginning of year 180,315,725
Net assets at end of year 231,177,536

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