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Seal of Transparency

★★★★ (98/100) 
Charity Navigator rating — their highest

At the Wikimedia Foundation, transparency is one of our guiding principles. For years, Candid (formerly GuideStar) has awarded us the Platinum Seal of Transparency, and Charity Navigator has given us its highest rating of four stars.

45% Technology
Wikipedia and its sister sites benefit from ongoing technology upgrades, improvements to their ease of use, and consistent attention to website security and reliability. We administer our suite of free knowledge sites efficiently — at a fraction of what many of our for-profit peers spend.

31% Direct Support to Volunteers and Readers
Wikimedia projects have global reach. This is enabled by the diverse work of volunteers from local communities around the world. We provide grants, legal support and other resources to support contributors.  We back community outreach events and advocacy for growing free knowledge.

11% Fundraising
Donor support is part of the lifeblood of Wikipedia and our other free knowledge projects. Our team works year-round to ensure professionalism and efficiency in the cultivation and stewardship of all gifts, each of which helps provide resources critical to our work. 

13% General and Administrative
Our core values include transparency and accountability. We manage funds and resources responsibly, and recruit and support skilled, passionate people to advance our mission.

Balance Sheet – Audited

(July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022)

Current Assets
Cash and cash equivalents$50,939,835 US
Current portion of contributions receivable700,000
Short-term investments141,953,790
Prepaid expenses and other current assets4,436,684
Total current assets198,030,309
Restricted cash1,372,480
Long-term investments39,933,596
Noncurrent portion of contributions receivable
Property and equipment, net11,629,057
Total assets250,965,442

Liabilities and net assets
Current liabilities
Accounts payable3,267,306
Accrued expenses5,697,569
Other liabilities2,649,035
Total current liabilities11,613,910

Net assets
Temporarily restricted1,341,591
Total net assets239,351,532
Total liabilities and net assets250,965,442

Statement of Activities – Audited

(July 1, 2021–June 30, 2022)

Net assets without donor restrictions:
Support and revenue
Contributions of cash and other financial assets$160,468,313 US
Contributions of nonfinancial assets and services420,351
Foreign currency gains (losses)(944,163)
Other income, net2,106,050
Investment income (loss), net(11,665,241)
Release of restrictions on temporarily restricted net assets4,301,211
Total support and revenue154,686,521

Salaries and wages88,111,412
Awards and grants14,923,242
Internet hosting2,704,842
In-kind service expenses405,885
Donation processing expenses6,215,434
Professional service expenses16,881,184
Other operating expenses11,853,366
Travel and conferences1,191,164
Depreciation and amortization3,213,466
Special event expense, net470,920
Total expenses145,970,915
Increase in net assets without donor restrictions8,715,606

Net assets with donor restrictions:
Net assets released from restrictions(4,301,211)
Decrease in net assets with donor restrictions(541,610) 
Net assets
Increase in net assets8,173,996
Net assets at beginning of year231,177,536
Net assets at end of year239,351,532

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