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Message from the CEO

“Behind every Wikipedia article, every edit, and every fact is a human story of dedication, passion, and generosity.”

Maryana Iskander
CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation

This year, the Wikimedia Foundation celebrated the idea that “Knowledge is Human,” from recognizing the hundreds of thousands of humans who contribute free and reliable knowledge, to highlighting the essential role that humans will always play in our approach to artificial intelligence. Behind every Wikipedia article, every edit, and every fact is a human story of dedication, passion, and generosity.

This Annual Report for our 2022-2023 fiscal year spotlights the countless individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make Wikimedia projects the success that they are today – at a time when the world needs access to reliable information online more than ever before. 

You will read about students and teachers learning about the value of Wikipedia in the classroom, to medical professionals committed to producing health and science articles that are accurate and up to date. Our donors are critical to preserving the mission of Wikipedia, and our staff remain fiercely dedicated to supporting an open platform that thrives thanks to volunteer contributors across the globe. Each story in this year’s Annual Report is a window into the human effort behind a Wikipedia article and its impact. 

As you read this report, I hope you will join me in celebrating this generous community of humans. At a time when technology is changing so rapidly around us, Wikipedia is becoming an even more valuable source of trusted information to everyone, everywhere. For free. 

I am more inspired than ever before that together we can secure the future of Wikipedia for generations to come. 

Thank you for your unwavering support.

Maryana Iskander 
Wikimedia Foundation CEO

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A global community of people help the Wikimedia projects to thrive

For more than two decades, the process of freely creating knowledge — of sharing it and refining it over time, in the open, and with the help of hundreds of thousands of volunteers — has fundamentally shaped Wikipedia. Wikipedia contains trustworthy, reliably sourced knowledge because it’s created, debated, and curated by people. It’s also grounded in an open, noncommercial model, which means that Wikipedia and all Wikimedia projects are free to access and share, and always will be. In an internet flooded with machine-generated material the human-led content on Wikipedia has become even more valuable.

That value was apparent throughout the Wikimedia Foundation’s 2022-2023 fiscal year, when a global community of people — editors, writers, technical volunteers, and staff — made sure the Wikimedia projects thrived. They added new knowledge to the websites. They kept the websites operating at the highest levels. And they helped people to gain new knowledge, one edit at a time.

In this Annual Report, you’ll meet doctors from across the world who made sure that Wikipedia’s thousands of medical articles were accurate, current, and correctly sourced. You’ll meet teachers and students who use Wikipedia to learn and explore our world. You’ll meet two donors who believe that Wikipedia’s ability to provide quickly accessible knowledge is changing the world for the better. And you’ll meet engineers at the Wikimedia Foundation who improved the platform’s technical infrastructure to make it easier for everyone to access the Wikimedia projects from anywhere in the world.

We look back on this past year with inspiration and a sense of accomplishment. We think you will, too.  Thank you for being an essential part of our mission to bring trustworthy knowledge to everyone, everywhere.

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wikimedia COMMUNITY

A global tapestry of stories

Explore a dynamic map highlighting the experiences and contributions of Wikimedians worldwide.

Financial Accountability

Navigating the Numbers

Accountability and transparency are two principles that underpin the Wikimedia Foundation’s core values. We are committed to managing funds and resources so that every contribution furthers our mission of advancing knowledge for all.

In recognition of how we operate, we’ve been honored with the Platinum Seal of Transparency from Candid (formerly GuideStar), and Charity Navigator has awarded us their highest rating of four stars.


Nearly half of our budget is used to support the technology that makes Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects possible. We continually work to improve the user experience for contributors and readers; enhance security for the sites; and ensure reliable, consistent access to the websites around the world. We provide this infrastructure and product support for one of the top ten most popular websites in the world at a fraction of the cost of popular for-profit websites.

The global impact of Wikimedia projects is made possible by the dedicated efforts of volunteers from around the world. We provide grants, legal assistance, and other resources for our contributors to build thriving volunteer communities. Additionally, we encourage community engagement through outreach events and advocate for the growth and protection of free knowledge.

Donor support forms the lifeblood of Wikipedia and our other free knowledge initiatives. Our team works tirelessly year-round to fundraise efficiently and effectively, ensuring that every contribution sustains our mission.

Operational costs are necessary for the effective management and governance of the Wikimedia Foundation. These administrative and people-related costs allow us to hire the best talent and support staff around the world to carry out the mission of the Wikimedia Foundation.


Current assets2023 (USD)2022 (USD)
Cash and cash equivalents75,808,40150,939,835
Contributions receivable700,000
Short-term investments132,216,667141,361,796
Prepaid expenses and other current assets5,569,4855,100,284
Total current assets213,594,553198,101,915
Restricted cash1,396,7171,372,480
Long-term investments43,265,78639,861,990
Right of use asset — operating lease, net1,821,174
Property and equipment, net14,045,13911,629,057
Total assets274,123,369250,965,442
Current liabilities2023 (USD)2022 (USD)
Accounts payable2,783,9043,267,306
Accrued expenses6,922,2595,697,569
Lease liability1,640,735
Donations payable to Wikimedia Endowment5,274,44819,718
Other liabilities2,124,9392,629,317
Total current liabilities18,746,28511,613,910
Lease liability405,748
Total liabilities19,152,03311,613,910
Net assets2023 (USD)2022 (USD)
Net assets without donor restrictions249,088,663238,009,941
Net assets with donor restrictions5,882,6731,341,591
Total net assets254,971,336239,351,532
Total liabilities and net assets274,123,369250,965,442


Support and revenue2023 (USD)2022 (USD)
Contributions of cash and other financial assets164,121,185160,468,313
Contributions of nonfinancial assets and services1,040,453420,351
Foreign currency gains (losses)(94,868)(944,163)
Other income, net3,824,2402,106,050
Investment income (loss), net6,550,439(11,665,241)
Release of net assets with donor restrictions4,732,6544,301,211
Total support and revenue180,175,103154,686,521
Expenses2023 (USD)2022 (USD)
Salaries and benefits101,305,70688,111,412
Awards and grants24,433,68218,960,813
Internet hosting3,120,8192,704,842
In-kind service expenses1,040,453405,885
Donation processing expenses6,855,6806,215,434
Professional service expenses15,464,63516,881,184
Other operating expenses7,393,9827,815,795
Travel and conferences4,180,2191,191,164
Depreciation and amortization4,602,0643,213,466
Special event expense, net698,141470,920
Total expenses169,095,381145,970,915


Net assets with donor restrictions2023 (USD)2022 (USD)
Contributions with donor restrictions9,273,7363,759,601
Net assets released from restrictions(4,732,654)(4,301,211)
Increase (decrease) in net assets with donor restrictions4,541,082(541,610)
Increase in net assets15,619,0828,173,996
2023 (USD)2022 (USD)
Net assets at beginning of year239,351,532231,177,536
Net assets at end of year254,971,336239,351,532

The Wikimedia Foundation is a donor-funded, US 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our tax ID number is 20-0049703. You can read our full audit report for 2022-23 here.

Photo by Jorge Royan, CC BY-SA 3.0File provided by Wikimedia Commons
Photo by Matthew Petroff, CC BY-SA 3.0File provided by Wikimedia Commons


Celebrating and thanking the Wikimedia Foundation’s generous donors

Merciधन्यवादGraciasありがとうشكراًDankeAsanteշնորհակալությունThank you!

With immense gratitude, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all our donors globally. Your steadfast support and generosity propel our mission and create meaningful impact worldwide.

We want to especially acknowledge those who contributed significantly during the fiscal year 2022-2023. Your extraordinary generosity has been instrumental in sustaining our projects and initiatives.

To every benefactor, you are a vital part of our community, and your commitment to furthering the Wikimedia Foundation’s mission is truly inspiring. Together, we are forging a world where knowledge transcends boundaries, allowing individuals from diverse backgrounds to benefit from the wealth of information provided by Wikimedia projects. Your support empowers us to continue our journey toward fostering a more knowledgeable, connected, and equitable society.

Below is a list celebrating those who gave $1,000 or more during the past year:

  • Acton Family Giving
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • Apple Inc, Matching Gifts Program
  • Arcadia
  • ASML
  • Antoine Bello
  • Brave browser users
  • Charina Endowment Fund
  • Crankstart Foundation
  • Foundation for a Better World
  • David and Amy Fulton Foundation
  • Google Matching Gifts Program 
  • The Hinman Charitable Foundation
  • HPE Accelerating Impact Initiative
  • Horizons Ventures Techcracker: Miwa Seki, Yumiko Murakami, Kathy Matsui, Adam Maxwell, Erika Milczek, Andy Kleitsch, Michael Biercuk, Pierre-Yves Paslier, Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Cheri Ackerman
  • I.W. Foundation
  • Kaphan Foundation
  • King Baudouin Foundation
  • MathWorks
  • Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
  • Montgomery Family Fund
  • Evelyn and Kurt Riedel
  • The Scheinberg Family
  • Simons Foundation
  • Stichting Sub3
  • Tony Wheeler
  • WoodNext Foundation
  • Anonymous Donors
  • Adobe
  • Kyle Aster
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Gift Program
  • Bloomberg LP
  • The Boeing Company Gift Match
  • Cisco
  • Helen Clawson
  • The Giuliani Family Foundation
  • Robert Geltz and Elizabeth Hands Geltz
  • Heartsprung Fund WA
  • Mark Heising and Elizabeth Simons Fund
  • Intel Corporation Matching Gifts Program
  • Asa Johnson
  • Jay and Mary Jones
  • Scott Eric Jordan
  • JVR – Murray and Jan Ritland Fund
  • Keough Family Foundation
  • Linda Kintzel
  • Oleg Krot
  • N1243
  • Gregory and Kathy Nelson
  • Peter Wheeler and Elizabeth Munro
  • Chris Peterson
  • The Renée B. Fisher Foundation
  • Foundation Matching Gifts
  • Silverleaf Foundation
  • Christopher Seiwald
  • The Shor Family Foundation
  • Diana Strassmann and Jeff Smisek
  • Steve Tai & Kin-Ching Wu
  • Paul von Kuster
  • Elmira Choopani & Khanh Vu
  • Anonymous donors
  • A & J Saks Foundation
  • The Alison Family
  • The Alwan Family Fund
  • A-Mark Foundation
  • Robert G. Andrews
  • Prabhu & Rina Balasubramanian
  • Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
  • Steedman Bass
  • Joe and Rachel Beda
  • The Behemoth
  • Stefan Bengtsson
  • Steven and Sandra Berglund
  • Andy & Elliot Berndt
  • BlackRock Matching Gifts Program
  • Samuel Bowen
  • Phil & Valerie Brown
  • Jennifer Van Dalsen and Tor Braham
  • Julia Butters
  • John Canfield
  • Caterpillar Foundation
  • James Chambers
  • Chevron Matching Employee Funds
  • Jean Circiello 
  • Liam Connell
  • Andrew Cook
  • The Cooper-Siegel Family Foundation
  • CouponFollow
  • Covington Family Fund 
  • Dell
  • Peter S. Dixon, MD.
  • Scott Dixon and Joan Cresse
  • The Durst Organization LP
  • The Elevate Prize Foundation
  • Epic Games
  • Alex & Patricia Farman-Farmaian
  • Frumkin Falco Family Foundation
  • Brian & Rebecca Geisel, Geisel Family Foundation
  • Genentech Employee Giving Program
  • Betty Harrell Gerlack
  • Russell Gersten
  • Tyson & Elizabeth Gill
  • Spencer Glendon and Lisa Tung
  • Donald E. Graham
  • The Grainger Foundation
  • Kiwan Gu
  • Guttman Family Donor Advised Fund gGmbH
  • Paul Haahr and Susan Karp
  • Ryan Hamerly
  • Helen Ingham Foundation
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Don & Paula Heye
  • Mark Heising and Elizabeth Simons Fund
  • HPI
  • Tim Huang
  • Robert Ibbotson
  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel Society of North America
  • Jennifer Secoy Krach Fund
  • Jericho
  • Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program
  • Amy and Josh Jernigan
  • JP Morgan Chase Foundation
  • Dr. Susan and Esabeau Kendall
  • Sung-Hou and Rosalind Kim
  • KLA Foundation
  • Kusik Family Foundation
  • Kirk Laughton and Chang Woo Lee
  • Laxmi Family Charitable Fund
  • Phillip Lawson
  • Edward A. Lee and Rhonda Righter
  • Mary Soon Lee and Andrew Moore
  • Leon Levy Foundation
  • Josh & Sara Leslie
  • Jeremy Levine & Yael Taqqu
  • Leo Liu, MD
  • Li Lu Humanitarian Foundation
  • LinkedIn Matching Gifts Program
  • Luetschine Consulting LLC
  • In memory of my father Dr. Bradley W. Maring
  • Greg and Elizabeth Stanton Marra
  • Darrin Massena
  • William Mayo-Smith & Leslie Vensel
  • Edward McCullough
  • The McLean Family-Lincoln Nebraska
  • Al and Margo Merck
  • Elizabeth Meyer
  • Milner Family Foundation
  • Sheila Mossman
  • Mycelium Foundation
  • Nike Employee Matching Gift Program
  • Nvidia Employee Giving Program
  • David OBrien
  • Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts Program
  • P&C Collins Fund
  • Pearlstein-Hollingsworth Family Fund
  • Drew and Lola Perkins
  • The Peters Family
  • Pipkin Family
  • Pfizer
  • PlayStation Cares
  • Mark Quinn-Newall
  • Raytheon Technologies
  • The Revada Foundation of the Logan Family
  • In memory of Barbara Brookover Richards
  • Rick & Susan Goings Foundation
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Ruth and Peter Metz Family Foundation
  • Barbara Ryan
  • Yann Samuelides
  • The Schmale Family
  • Roy Schneiderman
  • Mick & Alison Seaman
  • The Shanbrom Family Foundation
  • H Rodney Sharp III
  • Ed and Elaine Shoben
  • Shane Skikne
  • Martin Smith
  • Scooter Software
  • S&P Global Community Matching Gifts Program
  • Andrew and Elizabeth Spokes
  • Sprague Foundation
  • Doug Standing
  • Timothy Steinert
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc Employee Giving Program
  • Texas Instruments Foundation
  • Rabbi Rob and Lauren Thomas
  • UHG
  • J.P. Brinker-Uys
  • Visa
  • VMware Foundation
  • Charlotte von der Hude
  • Ted Waitt
  • Walt Disney Company Foundation
  • Rich Warner
  • Robert Watkins
  • Adam and Abigail Winkel
  • Peter Wright NY, NY
  • Lee Xu 
  • Yen Family
  • Greg and Margo Young
  • Kenneth and Anna Zankel
  • Zegar Family Fund
  • Richard and Angela Ziock
  • Anonymous donors
  • Abbott Laboratories – EGC
  • AbbVie Foundation
  • Daniel Adams
  • ADP
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Howard Ahmanson
  • AIG Matching Grants Program
  •  Hani Akkawi
  • The Albert E. Harrison Foundation
  • Alcon Vision, Inc
  • Allstate Giving Campaign
  • James Ryan Alexander 
  • Alice Greene McKinney and E. Kirk McKinney, Jr. Fund
  • Rebecca Allen 
  • David and Ann Allen
  • Ian Almond
  • Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC)
  • AMD
  • American Express Company Employee Giving Program
  • American Express Give2Gether Campaign
  • Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
  • Amgen Foundation
  • Analog Devices
  • Sarah Anderson 
  • Joe and Barbara Andrade
  • Alexandros Andrianopoulos
  • Flavia & Bernie Anger
  • Applied Materials Foundation Employee Engagement Fund
  • Maite Arango
  • Etienne Ardant and Laurence Lapeyre
  • Edward and Sallie Arens
  • The Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association
  • Ben Arthur
  • ASML
  • Siddharth Asnani
  • AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
  • Atlassian
  • Daniel Avants
  • Rick and LaNae Avra Giving Fund
  • Autodesk Foundation Employee Engagement Fund
  • Steven Ayers Investment Management
  • Mohammad Azab
  • Bae Systems
  • Rose and Neil Baird
  • Kenneth Baldauf
  • Ball Corporation
  • Scott & Cyan Banister Freedom Fund
  • John Bantivoglio
  • Ken Baron
  • Thomas Barta
  • Steve and Carol Baskauf
  • Douglas Bates and Mini Pathria
  • Juan Battle & Michael Bennett
  • Paul Bay
  • BD Group Matching Gift
  • Nicolette Getty Beck
  • Brent Beckley
  •  Émile Beguin
  • Samy Bengio and Elaine McMurray
  • Joan Berman
  • Frank Dudley Berry, Jr.
  • Sravan Bhamidipati
  • K.S. & Jayashree Bhaskar
  • In memory of Peter Bial
  • René Bilodeau and Naomi Black
  • Biogen MA Inc.
  • Graeme Birchall
  • Jennifer and John Bird
  • Marc Birling
  • Andrew Black
  • Dominika Blackappl 
  • Andrew Blacklock and Gabriele Amtmann
  • Mark and Deborah Blackman
  • Will Bloch
  • Jeremy Blum
  • Brent Blumenstein & Anne Ryan
  • Jabe Blumenthal & Julie Edsforth
  • Alan Blush
  • BNY Mellon Community Partnership Employee Funds
  • Michael Boberschmidt and Nancy Gross
  • Charu and Jeff Bogdan
  • Douglas A. Booth and Margaret Simpson
  • Walter and Marguerite Bopp
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • In memory of Cleona “Ione” Botkin
  • John Bowers
  • Jeff and Lauren Bowman
  • Peter Boyer
  • David and Debra Boyle
  • David H. Bradley, Sr.
  • Glenn Brandimarte
  • John Briggs & Hisayo Tago
  • Bright Funds
  • Andrew Brill 
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Broadcom
  • Bernhard Brodowsky
  • Daniel Brönnimann
  • Brian and Melissa Brothers
  • Charley & Kathy Brown
  • David Brown
  • Neil Brown 
  • Jeffrey and Marguerite Browne
  • Stanley Brubaker
  • Sailesh R Buddhavarapu
  • Robin and Thomas Burch Family Fund
  • Louis Burgener
  • Roger Burkhart
  • Chica Burnett
  • In memory of Patrick Butler III
  • Barry Buzan
  • Cabin Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation
  • Cadence Design Systems, Inc
  • Marta B. Calás
  • Craig Campbell
  • In honor of Colin Chandler Campbell
  • In honor of Ammar Campa-Najjar
  • In memory of Gary D. Campbell
  • Capital Group Companies
  • Cargill
  • Max Carlson
  • Carmax Foundation Matching Gifts Program
  • Rebecca and Irad Carmi
  • Toby Carrodus
  • K. Bradford Carr
  • Charlie & Darian Carson
  • Kyra and Ken Carson
  • In memory of Max Schaefer
  • Margaret Casbourne
  • Cascade Asset Management
  • William Cassidy
  • CDK Global, LLC
  • CDW Coworker Matching Gifts Program
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Sumir Chadha
  • Merle Chambers
  • In memory of Dileep Jivanlal Champaneria
  • Keith Chapman
  • Charles Maxfield Parrish and Gloria F. Parrish Foundation
  • Charles Schwab
  • Saul and Nan Chase 
  • Curtis Chen and Jennifer Lee
  • Ken Chen
  • Pengyuan Chen
  • Viola Chen
  • Veeraswami Chennamsetty
  • Paul Chernick
  • Stuart Cheshire
  • Chevron Humankind Matching – Retirees
  • Andy Chiang
  • Gilbert Chin
  • Michael Chorost and Victoria Nugent
  • Michael Choy & Shannon Moffett
  • Lee and Amy Christel
  • Ciena Cares Matching Gifts Program
  • CIGNA Foundation
  • Charles Clark
  • Lawrence Clark
  • Stuart & Wendi Clark
  • Christine and Michael Clarke
  • Rich and Joana Clayton
  • Jacqueline Clinton
  • Coca-Cola Company
  • Matthew Coleman
  • Costantino Colnaghi
  • Comcast
  • Martha Gates and Spencer Commons 
  • Guy and Helen Connolly
  • Constellation Energy
  • Linda D Cooley
  • Jim Cooper
  • Stephanie J. and Ted Coopman
  • David Costanzo 
  • Costco Wholesale Corporation
  • Gretchen Cotter
  • Christopher Cowart
  • Stone Coxhead
  • Meg Coyle
  • In memory of Roger Edward  Broughton
  • Alain Crain, in honor of Diana Strassmann in recognition of her extensive contributions to  education by her teaching, writing, and years of active engagement with Wikipedia.
  • Beth Crane and Richard McKee
  • Lillian Creighton
  • Anna Crivici
  • George Crow
  • Steven Crowe
  • James Crump
  • The Cunningham Family
  • David Cutler
  • Cyan
  • Terrence Daly
  • AnnaMarie Daniels
  • Sauparna Das
  • Claudia Davidoff and Joseph Kahan
  • Dauber Family V Fund
  • David and Lucile Packard Foundation Matching Grant Program
  • Martha K. Davis
  • Davis-King & Associates
  • H. Andrew Decker
  • Carole Deitrich
  • Pierre Deligne
  • Caroline and Lloyd de Llamas
  • Yonca Dervişoğlu
  • Stephen & Elizabeth Detwiler
  • B. Devereaux
  • Gayatri Devi
  • Joshua Dezube
  • Steven DiCarlo 
  • David Dickey
  • Josh Dillon & Effie Seiberg
  • Christopher C. Dixon
  • A Sibbald Doan
  • James Dodenhoff and Nancy Sicotte
  • Anne Doerr
  • Dokali Megharief Education Foundation
  • Peter and Linda B. Dooley
  • Jay Dowling
  • Jesse Drake
  • In memory of Karen Berger Drastal
  • Jim and Wendy Drasdo
  • Pierre Drion
  • Dropbox, Inc.
  • Duke Energy
  • Roger Dunn
  • Edgar Durbin
  • The Durst Family
  • eBay, Inc.
  • In memory of Carol L. Ebert
  • Kenneth Eddings
  • Pamela Edillon, MD and Teresa Sarlitto
  • Ralph Edler 
  • Ron Bailey and Bill Edwards
  • Stephen and Leslie Ehrmann, in memory of Dorothy Ehrmann
  • David and Casey Eichenberger
  • Stanley Eisenberg
  • Elasticsearch
  • Electronic Arts
  • Simon Ellgas
  • In memory of Bill Ellison
  • Hashem Emami
  • Peter Emch
  • Energizer
  • Mark Esposito 
  • James Evans
  • Expedia Inc.
  • F5 Networks, Inc.
  • FM Global
  • Fred Falkner
  • Ann Fallon
  • Hany Farid
  • Andrew Feng
  • Feral Interactive Limited
  • Alan and Elizabeth Finkel
  • Tatiana Finkelsteyn
  • Joseph Fisch
  • Stanley Fishman 
  • Jody Fleischer
  • Florida First Capital Finance Corporation
  • Carla and Charlie Flournoy
  • For everyone who wonders
  • William Ford
  • Will Forrest
  • Fournier Family Foundation
  • Mr. Peter Ernst Francati
  • Juanita Francis
  • Bernard Francois
  • Frank Reynolds Architects
  • In loving memory of George H. Frank, a brilliant, kind man and a loving father who is missed every day
  • Mark and Janice Franzen
  • Jean Fregeau 
  • Kathy French
  • Hunter Freyer
  • David Fry and Meidee Goh
  • Charles James Gallant III
  • Julie and Rafael Garcia Giving Fund 
  • Gartner (The Matching Gift Center)
  • In memory of Beverley Gasner
  • Michèle Ray Gavras 
  • Famiglia Gazzetta 
  • The GC Companies
  • GE Foundation
  • Gen
  • Don Gensler
  • James George
  • Aaron Getz & Sheila Geraghty Getz
  • Gary Gerrard
  • George & Alice Rich Charitable Foundation
  • Mary Gibbs 
  • Gilead Sciences, Inc.
  • Amanda Ginther
  • GitHub
  • GivingForce Foundation
  • K. Reed Gleason
  • Emily and Sam Glick
  • Mary Glidden 
  • Kelly & Jeff Glisch
  • Gpe and Gmo Charitable Fund
  • Terence Go
  • Norman Godinho
  • In Memory of Ira Gold
  • Monica and Danny Gold
  • Annelise Goldberg in honor of Max Goldberg
  • Goldman, Sachs, and Co. Matching Gifts Program
  • David Goodman
  • Phil Gormley and Erica Bisguier
  • J. Alex Graeffe
  • Temple Grandin
  • Babette Krolik and Harry Greenwald in honor of their children
  • Bruce and Erica Greer Family Foundation
  • Neil Daryl Grime
  • Roger Grosse
  • Robert Grossman
  • Cornelius N. Grove
  • Mary Beth Guard
  • Alexander M. Guest
  • Jerome Guillen
  • Egils and Anne Gulbis
  • Henry Gurr
  • David Gwinn
  • Kelsey and Scott Hadley
  • The Hakel Family
  • Pauliana Hall and Eric Hall, Esq.
  • Mark D Halperin
  • Hamilton Foundation
  • Bob Hammond
  • Guy and Julia Hands
  • Michael and Sheila Hannah
  • Wells Hansen
  • F. Dok Harris
  • Steve and Gina Harris
  • Harvest
  • Barry Harvey
  • Barbara Hase
  • Wayne Hathaway
  • M. Hawley, in Honor of Ryan Turner
  • Daniel Hazelbaker
  • Hearst
  • Ron and Beth Heiby Family Charitable Fund
  • Frances Hellman
  • Anne Henry
  • The Mary and Paul Henry Fund
  • John and Amanda Henson
  • Bobby Hernreich
  • Michael and Kimberly Hicks
  • Hideous Weasel Butt LLC
  • Tran Ho
  • Jim Hobart
  • Home Depot Foundation
  • In memory of Ben Hesper
  • In loving memory of Emily Catherine Holzer
  • Carol Hooker
  • hopeful earth foundation
  • Dermot Horgan
  • Morgan Hough
  • In Memory of Orville E. Howard
  • Jeremy Howes 
  • Else Hoyrup
  • Daniel and Celia Huber
  • Jeff and Kristin Huget
  • H Scott Huizenga
  • Zachary W. and Elizabeth S. Hulsey
  • IBM
  • Carla and Philippe Ifrah
  • David Ignat
  • IMF
  • Indeed, Inc.
  • In support of those who cannot give
  • Anne Infeld
  • Intetics Inc.
  • Intuit Foundation
  • Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
  • IQVIA Matching Gift Program
  • Roshan Isaac
  • David Israel
  • ITW Matching Gifts Program
  • Sigrid & Roy Jablonka
  • Chip Jackson
  • Peter Jackson
  • Rex Jaeschke
  • Douglas Jaffe
  • Dirk Jagdmann
  • Janet and Wilson
  • Jericho Charitable Fund
  • JK Family Foundation
  • John Deere
  • Bruce Johnson
  • John Borge Johnson
  • Lee Johnson
  • Robert Johnson
  • Robert Joss
  • Boyan Jovanovic
  • Jonathan Jove and Moriel Levy
  • Martin Joyce 
  • Tanya Joyce
  • In honor of Dr. James L. Julian, who cherished knowledge above all else
  • In honor of Karen Jurewicz
  • William Kamer
  • In honor of APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India
  • Kalpatharu Foundation
  • John and Maryann Karlen
  • Kevin Karplus
  • Steve Kass
  • Joseph Katz
  • Rebecca Krantz and Donald Katz
  • KDSM Fund
  • Kevin Kelly and Germaine Fuh-Kelly
  • Susan S Kelly
  • Mary Lowe Kennedy
  • Brett and Susan Kennelly
  • Tom and Laura Kent
  • Robert M. Kern
  • Keysight Technologies
  • Kheterpal Family
  • Elizabeth and Albert Kidd
  • Frank Kienast
  • Anthony, Su-Hyun and Tae-Yang Kim
  • Jesse and Kimberly Kinder
  • Donald A  & Janemarie D King
  • In honor of Harold D. King
  • King Cheadle Family
  • Sam King
  • The James Kinsella and Robert McNeal Family Fund
  • The Kipping Family
  • Nancy Kleinrock
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  • Anonymous donors

Wikimedia Endowment

Sustaining Impact

The Wikimedia Endowment launched in 2016 with an aim to create a permanent fund to support Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, sustaining our mission well into the future. This year, the Endowment reached an important milestone: a portion of its investment income was used to support the technical innovation of the Wikimedia projects. In a series of interviews with Endowment donors, we heard repeatedly about the desire to use their donations to support technical innovation to keep the Wikimedia projects relevant in a rapidly evolving world.

The focus on technical innovation also supports the Endowment’s long-term vision for maintaining the projects, including sustainable technical infrastructure. The projects chosen align with current and existing work being done to improve and innovate on Wikimedia projects in collaboration with volunteers. The recipients are:

Abstract Wikipedia aims to build a knowledge base independent of language, making it easier to share, add, translate, and improve knowledge across languages on Wikipedia. Wikifunctions is the underlying technical infrastructure that supports the project. Abstract Wikipedia’s technical development is led by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Kiwix is a non-profit that provides an offline reader for Wikipedia content, making knowledge more accessible to people around the world regardless of internet connectivity. Kiwix has over 10-12 million users spanning 200 countries.

Led by the Wikimedia Foundation’s Machine Learning team, this programmatic area of Wikimedia work focuses on building and strengthening AI and machine learning infrastructure on the Wikimedia projects. Machine learning tools make the work of volunteer editors more efficient, enabling them to focus time on edits that require complex human judgment. This work includes the development of algorithms to measure the quality of Wikipedia articles and machine learning models that help catch incidents of vandalism on Wikimedia projects.

Wikidata is the multilingual, structured knowledge base that powers knowledge on Wikipedia. With more than 100 million data items, it is the most edited Wikimedia project. Wikidata more easily connects knowledge from Wikimedia projects with machines, including voice assistants, websites, and other platforms that leverage Wikimedia content. The Endowment grant will fund the existing multi-year plan for the project, which is led by Wikimedia Deutschland in collaboration with the Wikimedia Foundation.

We are excited to see how Abstract Wikipedia, Kiwix, Machine Learning, and Wikidata strengthen our technical infrastructure and innovation. 

Read more in the Wikimedia Endowment Annual Report here.

Help Ensure Wikipedia’s Future

Giving for today
Making a gift today is the simplest way to ensure that Wikipedia remains strong, stable, and always there when you need it.

Giving for tomorrow
The Wikimedia Endowment is a safety net that helps protect Wikipedia now and into the future. Legacy gifts to the Wikimedia Endowment make an impact for years and years. By including Wikipedia in your will, estate planning, retirement plan, or insurance policy, you can leave a beautiful legacy for the next generation of Wikipedia users. To learn more email or click the link below to explore other ways to give to the Endowment.

Photo by PeterSzabo83, CC BY-SA 4.0File provided by Wikimedia Commons

And that’s 2023 wrapped.

Feel free to download this report as a PDF booklet, and to share it with your friends online.

Photo credits

Nathan Cheng Portrait


Don Wong for Tiny Big Picture, commissioned by The Wikimedia Foundation

Raju Narisetti

McKinsey and Company

Kathy Collins 2023

Bill Mintz