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A new visualization uses Wikipedia pageview data to map celebrity deaths

Communications Interview

Last year, the data visualization website The Pudding mapped out Miles Davis’ legacy by sorting through every Wikipedia page that mentioned the jazz legend. It was just one of dozens of visualizations that have been built on Wikipedia data over the past decade. This week, The Pudding released a new visualization that examines Wikipedia pageview increases….

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What should journalists know about Wikipedia? A Poynter Institute NewsU webinar

Communications Foundation From the archives

Join us for a Poynter Institute NewsU webinar to help journalists around the world better understand Wikipedia. Here's some additional details on what we're going to talk about on July 12.

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On Wikipedia, Black Panther won the Olympic gold

From the archives News on Wikipedia Wikipedia

Black Panther was far and away the most-viewed article on Wikipedia last month.

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Oscars predictions made easy with Wikipedia

From the archives Wikipedia

On how to use Wikipedia's pageview data to inform your Oscars predictions.

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How we encouraged people to freely license their solar eclipse photos for the future

Communications Community Foundation From the archives Wikimedia Commons Wikipedia

The recent total solar eclipse captured the imagination of millions. We hoped to get people to share that wonder and joy through freely licensed imagery on Wikimedia Commons—and as it turns out, we only had to ask.

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