Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom

Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom is a new pilot project that helps teachers understand and leverage Wikipedia’s educational value.  

Through a localized set of tools and professional training opportunities, the project helps both educators and students to develop vital media and information literacy skills for the 21st century, including: understanding how information is produced, how to access and evaluate content online, and how to understand biases and knowledge gaps in the information they consume.

Additionally, the project introduces a model that facilitates collaboration between civil society actors in the open knowledge sector and teachers and government authorities.

Where are we working?

We are piloting this project with the help of our local affiliates in three different countries: Morocco, Bolivia, and the Philippines.

Different indicators of the education system have been studied for these countries, including information on the country’s school system, teacher qualifications, curriculum, and media and information literacy frameworks.

Do you want to join us?

We seek to partner with schools and teachers who recognize the importance of fostering information literacy skills through a multidisciplinary approach.

In each country, we are working with 25 teachers who teach students between the ages of 12-14, and who come from various backgrounds and teach a variety of subjects. We are looking for partners who are excited to embark on this opportunity to innovate in their classroom practices and join a diverse international network of education leaders. 

Please contact

Are you a high school teacher in Bolivia, Morocco, or the Philippines?

You can contribute your perspective about Wikipedia in your classroom by completing our short survey.

This project is conducted in partnership with Wikimedistas De Bolivia, Philwiki Community, and Wikimedia MA User Group.

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