Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom

Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom is the Wikimedia Foundation’s flagship teacher training program, helping both educators and students to develop vital media and information literacy skills for the 21st century, including:

  • Understanding how information is produced
  • How to access and evaluate content online
  • How to understand biases and knowledge gaps in the information they consume.

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About the pilot

In 2020, Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom was piloted in three countries: Bolivia, Morocco, and the Philippines.

The pilot initiative focused heavily on collaboration between civil society actors in the open knowledge sector, secondary school teachers, and government authorities. It was conducted in partnership with Wikimedistas de Bolivia, Wikimedia MA User Group, Philwiki Community, and the Pasay City School District. 

The training resources and sessions were adapted to the needs of the local context in our three pilot countries. Find out more about the results of the first training and the first cohort of teachers who earned the certificate.

You can find the Teacher’s Guides used in the program in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Tagalog on Wikimedia Commons. They are free for you to download, adapt, translate, and share. 

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You can contribute your perspective about Wikipedia in your classroom by completing our short survey. Your perspective will help us to continually adapt and improve our resources and programs.

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