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Wikimedia Foundation offices - camera shy photo
Fabian Kaelin
Senior Research Engineer (Contractor), Research
Wikimedia Foundation offices - camera shy photo
Martin Gerlach
Research Scientist (Contractor), Research
Diego Sáez-Trumper
Senior Research Scientist (Contractor), Research

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Thanks for the thanks! Examining the efficacy of Wikipedia’s thanks feature

Much like Asgard, Wikipedia is not a place but a people. Specifically, an extensive community of volunteers from around the world who donate their time each day to building, curating, and watching over the largest collection of knowledge ever assembled. Unlike Asgard, the people who contribute to Wikipedia often only rarely meet outside of the….

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Why the world reads Wikipedia: What we learned about reader motivation from a recent research study

Wikimedia’s mission is to provide educational content and to effectively disseminate it. Doing so requires understanding the needs and motivations of the people who read Wikipedia. In this blog post, we discuss what we learned about Wikipedia reader motivations and needs across 14 languages from a recent research study.

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