Victoria Doronina in 2021

Dr. Victoria Doronina is a Technical Officer at the Faculty of Education at Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom.

Originally from Belarus, Victoria was awarded a Darwin Trust Fellowship, leading to a PhD in Molecular Biology (University of Edinburgh, UK). After graduating, Victoria worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in several Russell Group (UK Ivy league) universities specialising in protein translation. She is also an Associate Member of the Advance Higher Education Academy.  

Victoria started contributing to Russian Wikipedia in 2006 and became an administrator. The second woman ever to be elected and the first to serve twice on the Russian Wikipedia Arbitration Committee, Victoria is a long-standing mediator in a few of the most debated topics and a Featured and Good articles moderator. In fact, Victoria was one of the initiators of the in-project mediation system. 

In 2011 Victoria became a Wikimedia Community Fellow. She was involved in the initial stages of setting up the Russian Wikimedia chapter, Wikimedia.RU. She also served on the Wikimedia Funds Dissemination Committee.

Victoria is an award-winning freelance science writer. She is a regular contributor in the biology professionals hub BiteSizeBio. Victoria’s writing has appeared in the Careers supplement of Science, The Scientist, Argumenty i Fakty (Belarus), and Moskovsikij Komsosmolets (Russia). She is active in promoting the Wikimedia movement on social media and as a spokesperson for Russian and English media. 

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