Editatona wins the 2018 FRIDA award

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Editatona, Wikimedia Mexico’s initiative to reduce the gender gap on Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects, won the 2018 Premio del Fondo Regional para la Innovación Digital en América Latina y el Caribe (abbreviated FRIDA, and translated as “Award for the Regional Fund for Digital Innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean”), under the Technology and Gender category.

The announcement, made on 13 August 2018, recognizes efforts made in Mexico to achieve a larger presence of women on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, throughout in-person events called “Editatonas”. These events include the participation of female volunteers as well as institutions, collectives, and allies that have collections and information that can provide verifiability and accuracy according to the existing rules of Wikipedia.

Editatona aims to both reduce the historical injustice against women and create a balance,” said Carmen Alcázar, coordinator and founder of the project. “It adds to a series of efforts on different fronts that us, women, are opening to clearly say: a history without us—never again.”

The initiative started in Mexico in 2015 with the support of SocialTIC, Luchadoras, Ímpetu A.C., and La Sandía Digital. Since then, dozens of events have multiplied in countries like Spain, Brazil, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Uruguay. Editatona was recognized among over 400 proposals in 24 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The FRIDA award, which awards a monetary stipend, will be given to Editatona at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris during the 2018 Internet Governance Forum.

Wikimedia Mexico

You can read more about the roles and history of independent Wikimedia affiliates, like Wikimedia Mexico.


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