Death, politics, and Vincent van Gogh: 2016 as seen through the lens of Wikipedia

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Which English Wikipedia articles were edited most in 2016? Find out what captured editors' interests.

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News on Wikipedia: Fidel Castro, president of Cuba, dead at 90

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Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons are here to help you learn more about the recently deceased Fidel Castro.

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"Dare to be different, yet hold your head high": The impact of Prince’s death on Wikipedia

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"Prince is synonymous with indulging in yourself shamelessly and with passion. His music and his cultural impact mean more than words can offer."

"He taught me that being black was more than a color. That despite our circumstances or limitations in life, you could change the world and you could reach out and touch the stars."

"Dare to be different, yet hold your head high."

(Quotes used with permission from the Wikipedia Facebook page)

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