More than 450 people from many countries share a commitment to free knowledge and work together with our community.

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Office of the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director

Supports the work of the Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, in leading Foundation decision making and advocacy.


The Advancement Department ensures the Wikimedia movement has the relationships and resources it needs to thrive. The department is responsible for fundraising, strategic partnerships, and grantmaking programs that fuel our movement.

Community Resources

Fundraising Operations

Major Gifts, Foundations and Endowment

Online Fundraising


Wikimedia Enterprise


Leads the Foundation’s efforts to openly and effectively share information. Responsible for Wikimedia brand development, marketing, social media, public relations, and global awareness efforts.

Audience Engagement and Insights


Communications Team

Movement Communications

Finance and Administration

Ensures responsible management of Wikimedia Foundation funds and resources, in keeping with our core values of transparency and accountability.

Finance and Accounting

IT Services

Office Administration


Defends the Wikimedia movement by opposing government surveillance and censorship, defending our communities, facilitating open policy discussions, and advocating for privacy.

Community Development

Community Resilience and Sustainability


Legal Affairs

Public Policy

Trust and Safety

Trust and Safety identifies, builds and – as appropriate – staffs processes which keep our users safe. It designs, develops, and executes on a strategy that integrates legal, product, engineering, research, and analytics to proactively mitigate risk as well as manage the overall safety of our communities when incidents happen. Currently, the team consists of 20 people across four continents.


Builds products that enable collaboration and tools for creating and editing free knowledge. Leads user research, experience design, and cross-device support including mobile apps and voice technology.

Apps Engineering

Community Engineering

Community Programs

Community Relations

Contributors Product Management

Editing Engineering

Language and Translation

Product Analytics

Product Design

Product Design Strategy

Program Management

Readers Product

Structured Data

Technical Program Management

Web and Infrastructure


Maintains and advances the technology needed to keep Wikimedia projects open, functional, and internationally accessible. In working closely with thousands of volunteer developers, the technology team makes Wikimedia one of the world’s most committed open source organizations.



Data Center Operations

Fundraising Tech

Machine Learning


Platform Engineering

Quality and Test Engineering

Release Engineering


Search Platform


Site Reliability Engineering

Manuel Arostegui

Staff Database Administrator (Contractor)

Mark Bergsma

Director, Engineering (Contractor)

Brandon Black

Principal Site Reliability Engineer

John Bond

Staff Site Reliability Engineer (Contractor)

Riccardo Coccioli

Staff Site Reliability Engineer (Contractor)

Jaime Crespo

Senior Database Administrator (Contractor)

Chris Danis

Staff Site Reliability Engineer

Filippo Giunchedi

Staff Site Reliability Engineer (Contractor)

Ariel Glenn

Senior Software Engineer (Contractor)

Valentín Gutiérrez

Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Contractor)

Keith Herron

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Wolfgang Kandek

Manager, Site Reliability Engineering

Alexandros Kosiaris

Principal Site Reliability Engineer (Contractor)

Giuseppe Lavagetto

Principal Site Reliability Engineer (Contractor)

Reuven Lazarus

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Faidon Liambotis

Director, Engineering (Contractor)

Leo Mata

Engineering Manager (Contractor)

Kunal Mehta

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Janis Meybohm

Site Reliability Engineer III (Contractor)

Effie Mouzeli

Site Reliability Engineer III (Contractor)

Moritz Mühlenhoff

Staff Site Reliability Engineer (Contractor)

Emanuele Rocca

Staff Site Reliability Engineer (Contractor)

Stevie Shirley

Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Contractor)

Sukhbir Singh

Senior Site Reliability Engineer (Contractor)

Lukasz Sobanski

Site Reliability Engineering Manager (contractor)

Cole White

Site Reliability Engineer III

Arzhel Younsi

Senior Site Reliability Engineer (contractor)

Daniel Zahn

Site Reliability Engineer III

Cathal Mooney

Staff Site Reliability Engineer (contractor)

Jelto Wodstrcil

Site Reliability Engineer III (contractor)

Joanna Borun

Engineering Manager, Site Reliability Engineering (contractor)

Marc Mandere

Site Reliability Engineer III (contractor)

Technical Engagement