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Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Supports the work of the Wikimedia Foundation Chief Executive Officer in leading Foundation decision making and advocacy.


The Advancement Department ensures the Wikimedia movement has the relationships and resources it needs to thrive. The department is responsible for fundraising, strategic partnerships, and grantmaking programs that fuel our movement.

Community Programs

Community Resources

Fundraising Operations

Fundraising Tech

Major Gifts & Endowment

Online Fundraising


Wikimedia Enterprise


Leads the Foundation’s efforts to openly and effectively share information. Responsible for Wikimedia brand development, marketing, social media, public relations, and global awareness efforts.


External Communications


Movement Communications

Finance and Administration

Ensures responsible management of Wikimedia Foundation funds and resources, in keeping with our core values of transparency and accountability.

Finance and Administration Team

Defends the Wikimedia movement by opposing government surveillance and censorship, defending our communities, facilitating open policy discussions, and advocating for privacy.

Legal Team

Product and Technology

Builds, improves, and maintains the infrastructure of Wikimedia sites.

Talent and Culture

Recruits and supports skilled, passionate people to advance the Wikimedia mission. Invests in people by offering a wide range of benefits including leadership training.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Learning and Development

People Experience

People Operations